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Heart 104.9FM introduces Housemates from Hell

As the official broadcast partner for the 2006 Design for Living, Heart 104.9FM has initiated a unique and exciting campaign to hit Cape Town's airwaves soon... a breakthrough in reality radio!
The mechanic for the Housemates from Hell promotion is simple. All listeners have to do is enter the competition to live in the house (exhibition space at Design for Living) and stand a chance of winning big prizes. Each DJ will choose a couple who they feel would best represent him/her in the house. For the duration of the competition, the contestants will be asked to perform various tasks. The audience will be the judging panel and will have the deciding vote on who will win the main prize.

When asked about how the personalities of the housemates will be profiled through audio exclusively, explains Gavin Meiring, CEO of Heart 104.9FM: "It might sound cliché, but radio is all about theatre of the mind. Listeners love a good story and good stories make for good radio. End of story."
2 Apr 2006 09:49


This has been done!!!-
Capital Radio in London done this, Hot Rock FM has done this, KJLH in LA has done thi (the list goes on), why are you guys claiming it as you own.
Posted on 3 Apr 2006 15:42
Nothing new on radio-
There really is nothing new on radio! Ground patrols, sound of the city and so many other competitions and features have been done years ago at radio stations in the UK and Oz. It's quite sad that big commercial stations with with so many producers and presenters have to look elsewhere to get feature ideas. All stations "borrow" ideas and South Africanise them; but it would be nice if foreign stations checked out SA stations to "borrow" ideas for a change
Posted on 3 Apr 2006 20:57
Shame maybe we should have a HEART and try and help these incompetent BOSStards. Gavin, Sely and Roby why don't you guys start a new program called DJ's from Hell and guess what it can run the entire day and might just satisfy you’re all of 100 listeners.
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 09:59
Re: This has been done-
Has anyone in Cape Town ever done this? Who cares about international radio station Proudly South African!
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 11:55
Re: Sham-
Shame Nataniel, jealousy makes you nasty!
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 11:56
Re: Re: Shame-
Versin can't you even spell!!! It's Shame with an "e" not with a silent "e"
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 15:25
@ Donovan-
yes KFm did something like that a few years back
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 13:09
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 14:43
There's only one person at GHFM who uses that word "versin" Vania Cloetie
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 16:58
Done before... so what?-
The people targeted here aren't listening to radio around the world. Most of them probably don't even have the means to do so. They're not seeking entertainment down under or listening to Johnny Vaughn in the morning. We all know about these things because we're concious about the industry. We have every right to crit every single moment onair, but to be honest the people listening don't care about the best and the freshest in international radio trends. They're just looking for entertainment. Let's not ruin it for them.
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 19:12
Radio Rat
@Zoomster...Stop covering up BOY!..UCT Radio done this-
So did C- Flat in a Mitchells Plain mall So did GHFM at one of these home decor shows.. So you guys juts copy, .Copy the name of Heart in London . Ofice Busters (we all know where that came from) .Copy other stations formats (you music sounds crap, are you listening) . But you can't copy a decent breakfast DJ, word has it is going to be Saskia (it must be a Aprils fool joke, right?)
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 09:45
Get Real-
It gives us a chance to show that we also have the ability to compete and gives us a chance in future up-coming events and that we have what it takes to compete on radio/in/ dick-jockey's.So why cant we do it you ask!My answer is.:becuase we the nr.1 radio staion.
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 20:02
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