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Heart 104.9 re-launch party

Cape Town's favourite radio station, Heart 104.9 had their official re-launch party at Ignite in Camps Bay on Monday, 13th February.
With a current listenership of 550 000, and some of the biggest names in the radio business in its stable, Heart 104.9 looks set to shake up the airwaves in Cape Town. Research has shown that the name P4 had the perception that Heart 104.9 was purely a Jazz station, which it has not being for at least 3 years. The old name also did not have any emotional connection with the target audience and there was a need to find a name or word that indicated and defined who the station really is.

After an exhaustive perceptual study on the station, it's been discovered that more people had strong feelings about the pay off line "The Heart and Soul of Cape Town" than the name P4. It was a natural progression to just lose P4 and incorporate the slogan into the name which is how the station ended up with Heart 104.9, Cape Town Soul.

CEO Gavin Meiring is very clear about one thing: "The unique Selling proposition at this point is that we are a station that cares and has a lot of 'Heart' about the people of Cape Town. The other thing that makes us unique is that we play the music people want to hear, as this has been extensively researched and we have big personalities on the station.

Thus far listeners have been very positive and I am even surprised at how quickly everyone seems to have embraced the new brand. Its funny how only once the name changed, have listeners also now started to notice the small changes we have already made in the music format which again has been nothing but positive.

We are currently on 550 000 listeners on average which has shown a 17% increase year on year in a market that has not shown any growth at all. I envisage that we will start to grow more audiences especially now that people are starting to sample the station. I find that Heart 104.9 truly represents a radio station that Cape Town can be proud of."
19 Feb 2006 09:22


natalie becker as radio dj-
Natalie becker is the smoothest sounding radio personality in the country .
Posted on 3 Mar 2006 01:01
Smoothest-so not brother S-
Listen to her links, serious-she makes mistakes all the time. Hate it that she gets away with it. She may hav a smooth voice but no radio personality
Posted on 4 Mar 2006 12:15
natalie hater[radio sense]
Love u big stan-
u cool, not natalie
Posted on 4 Mar 2006 12:16
natalie fan
now now ..-
now now girl radio girl (S) ..yes, we do know who you are..jealousy makes you nasty, and as for natalie, she's a lot cooler, smarter, sexier and richer than you will ever be...and has a better radio voice (and personality)
Posted on 3 May 2006 21:10
second that-
i agree, natalie becker has loads of cool and personality and has done lots more than just radio-lotsa tv shows, film, she does lots of community and public speaking work and is a role model and icon,and means a lot more to people than just a radio voice, which is more that can be said fro some nasties on air...
Posted on 3 May 2006 21:15
nat's our girl-
natalie becker is way to smart to still be at that dumb ass radio station- spread your wings girl-you can't fly like an eagle when you work with turkeys....
Posted on 3 May 2006 21:18
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