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The heart and soul of radio

Eight years after its inception, P4 Radio 104.9 is re-launching as Heart 104.9, with the strap-line 'Cape Town Soul'. With the new name comes new station branding and personalities - newcomers to the station include Saskia Falken, as well as the voice of, Bongani Njoli.
Newly appointed CEO Gavin Meiring is very clear that the sound of the station will remain the same: "We did some serious research among our listeners and they were adamant that the music format must remain unchanged. Our research also indicated that they felt no strong affinity towards the name 'P4'."

After testing a number of different options, imagery around 'having heart' and 'being in the heart of the city', spurred the station to select 'Heart 104.9' as its new name. The previous strap-line 'the heart and soul of Cape Town' provided a good platform from which to build, and 'Cape Town soul' was finally integrated into the logo.

Breakfast show personality Aden Thomas will continue with the show indefinitely until the station finds a suitable replacement for him. Thomas will also be actively involved with station management in the recruitment and selection process of his successor.

Clarence Ford and Koketso Sachane remain on-board, although in different time-slots, to better suit the station's 500 000 listenership.
23 Jan 2006 13:03


Jaysan Vayss
Lets hope you pull in the figures and make for some stiff competition in this province. Good luck with your new lineup and format. Wishing you all the success. JAYSAN VAYSS!
Posted on 27 Jan 2006 18:35
Congratulations! Wishing you guys all the best! Rose
Posted on 1 Feb 2006 09:55
The Heart 104.9-
I love the new logo and pay-off line. Everything looks and sounds fresh. Hope the station does as well...
Posted on 17 Feb 2006 09:12
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