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Phat Joe has the last laugh

South Africa's largest daily newspaper falls for a hilarious practical joke by Heart 104.9FM's mischievous breakfast show team.
A journalist for South Africa's Daily Sun newspaper fell for a practical joke by provocative Heart 104.9FM radio host and SABC1 TV personality Phat Joe this week. It all started when Alex Mthiyane, the breakfast show host of Heart 104.9FM's Durban-based sister station Gagasi 99.5, interviewed an 'exotic dancer', Margeritta, live on air. Margeritta implied that she had had intimate relations with Heart 104.9FM breakfast show host Phat Joe, a.k.a Majota Kambule. Alex Mthiyane proceeded to contact Phat Joe to question him about his connection to Margeritta, and give Margeritta the opportunity to confront Phat Joe about their situation.

The storyline was purely fictitious, scripted and pre-planned for the purpose of entertainment, with Heart 104.9FM breakfast show producer and comedienne Mel Jones portraying the role of Margeritta. However, an unsuspecting Daily Sun journalist listening to the show published the story of Phat Joe's supposed infidelity, with it appearing in the newspaper on Tuesday 19 July.

To set the record straight, Phat Joe contacted the journalist on air and voiced his disappointment at the lack of thorough research and fact-checking she displayed by reporting the story as if it was true. Phat Joe questioned the editorial accuracy of the story and categorically stated that his conversation with Alex Mthiyane and Margeritta was a prank conceptualised by the two radio stations, purely for entertainment value, and he suggested that the journalist could have investigated the story further to avoid the inaccuracy. The Daily Sun is the biggest daily newspaper in South Africa with a circulation of approximately 500 000 comprised of readers around the major urban centres of South Africa. To date this office could not reach the newspaper for comment.

Phat Joe is known for provocatively highlighting current major talking points through pranks and hoaxes. With more than fourteen years of broadcasting experience behind him, he was one of the pioneering DJs at Yfm who contributed to the success of the station; he launched 'Phat Joe Live' on eTV and SABC1; and dominated the airwaves in Gauteng at Metro FM and most recently at Kaya FM. He now leads the Heart 104.9FM Breakfast Show team that includes the equally outspoken Nick Feinberg as Sports Anchor, Traffic Anchor Julian Naidoo, Programme Manager Vernon Adams and Producer Melanie Jones.

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25 Jul 2011 12:41


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