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The wedding is on! Lekker Larry proposes to Hastige Hendrik live on Phat Joe's breakfast show

Lekker Larry sung his proposal to Hastige Hendrik live on Phat Joe's breakfast show yesterday morning.
The wedding is on! Lekker Larry proposes to Hastige Hendrik live on Phat Joe's breakfast show
Comments Lekker Larry: "You know it when its right! I'm ecstatically happy; I couldn't have made a better choice!"

The wedding is set for Saturday, 26 March at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and is set to be a glamorous affair open to the public. Lekker Larry is an entertainer but also designs costumes for props and sets. He admits to being a family man and feels very strongly about the sanctity of marriage. While he can be obsessive about keeping his house clean, he takes pride in his possessions and knows how to work hard. When his mother found out he was going to get married to a total stranger, she thought he was joking. Even though she is still in a state of suspended disbelief, she is also supportive and wants him to be happy.

When asked what kind of life partner he is looking for, Lekker Larry responded: "Someone who I can love and trust and enjoy life with, someone who can be a pillar of strength and my confidant. He will ideally be a friend, lover and companion who I can grow old with and someone who is attractive to me in vision, personality and soul."

The competition launched in February and is the hottest wedding reality show on SA's airwaves. The wedding takes place on 26 March with an all expenses paid fantasy wedding at the V&A Waterfront next to the luxurious 35-metre yacht, Nautilus, and lavish honeymoon abroad worth R40 000.

Hastige Hendrik is 29 years old, works in marketing. He is an extrovert, is sensitive and thoughtful but can also be quite judgemental. He has the ability to be incredibly compassionate and selfless and defines love as serious business comprising of discussion, understanding, compassion and support.

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16 Mar 2011 12:10


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