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Angry mob storms Phat Joe's breakfast show

Kagiso Lediga, one of SA's top black comedians and creator of the comedy TV series the Pure Monate Show caused chaos in the streets of Cape Town yesterday morning by pulling a prank on Heart 104.9FM's breakfast DJ, Phat Joe, live on air.
Angry mob storms Phat Joe's breakfast show
Angry mob storms Phat Joe's breakfast show
Angry mob storms Phat Joe's breakfast show
Angry mob storms Phat Joe's breakfast show
Over 80 protesters joined his rally and marched along sidewalks through the city towards the studio in Green Point. Six of the city's police vehicles attempted to stop the protest thinking it was legitimate. Luckily no action was taken.

The protest lasted for more than one hour until Phat Joe came out to calm the crowd with little success before sending in newly acquired Heart 104.9FM's action man, The Knob, to assist.

The crowd dispersed soon after Kagiso's identity and intention was revealed.

Many listeners have showed much disappointment in Heart 104.9FM's decision to run the gay reality wedding show during their favourite breakfast slot. So after receiving various threats from the alleged group called P.O.K.E (People opposing kak entertainment) promising to deter listeners and shut the 2 guys and a wedding competition down, Phat Joe believed it to be real.

Phat Joe has a reputation for being controversial and enjoys pushing the boundary of what is and is not acceptable to say and do on air. It comes as no surprise that Kagiso chose this method to announce his position as MC for the wedding on 26 March 2011 in Cape Town.

Stay tuned to Heart 104.9FM and linked to and to share in the romance and excitement of this reality campaign or visit for more information.

22 Feb 2011 12:56


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