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MI-3G powered by Qualcomm at AFRICACOM 2010

Controversial radio and television presenter Phat Joe has entered into a partnership with Mi-Fone (BVI) Ltd, which will get people talking, literally. The popular Heart 104.9FM Morning Breakfast Show DJ has put his name behind one of Mi-Fone's premium Smartphone handsets, the Mi Q5 - branded as the Mi-Phat Connect.
Mi Music Artist Liz Ogumbo
Mi Music Artist Liz Ogumbo
Mi Fone CEO Alpesh Patel and Heart 104.9FM Morning Breakfast Show DJ Phat Joe
Mi Fone CEO Alpesh Patel and Heart 104.9FM Morning Breakfast Show DJ Phat Joe
Heart 104.9FM Morning Breakfast Show DJ Phat Joe and Mi Music Artist Liz Ogumbo
Heart 104.9FM Morning Breakfast Show DJ Phat Joe and Mi Music Artist Liz Ogumbo
The new handset was launched and showcased at this year's AFRICACOM exhibition which took place at the CTICC in Cape Town from 10 to 11 November. The newly branded handset will be launched in conjunction with the new Mi Music Artist Liz Ogumbo, the face of the Mi-323.

"The brand association with personalities such as Joe and Liz give Mi-Fone consumers an emotional connection to the brand as both of them live by the Mi-Fone motto: The World is Yours!" says Nicolas Regisford, Mi-Fone's Marketing Director.

"Most 3G handsets are priced through the roof these days and the Mi-Fone Smartphone is a breakthrough and affordable product for the everyday consumer," says Phat Joe. He continues, "with my experience in telecommunications and media, the idea of bringing broadband access to more consumers excites me."

Also launched at the AFRICACOM exhibition is Mi-Fone's new Mi-3G, affordable 3G for the masses. The Mi-3G Ecosystem offering is a portfolio of devices based on 3G chipsets from Qualcomm Incorporated, a world leader in next generation mobile technologies. Regisford says, "Mi-3G helps us with positioning Mi-Fone as a cool African brand as we are able to do much more with content for the youth markets across the continent and also establishes us as a bigger player in relevant industries, including music and sport."

The 3G handsets for the masses are powered and made possible by Qualcomm's highly integrated Single Chip platform - QSC62x0 series chipset. This forms part of Qualcomm's vision of enabling Internet access for all Africans causing a fundamental shift in the Internet and computing experience for African consumers.

The Mi-Phat Connect will have a range of nifty features including Phat Joe ring tones, Phat Joe wallpapers, Phat Joe pictures and Phat Joe song parodies and skits.

For more information about Mi-Fone visit For a taste of the images and ringtones/audio on the new Mi-Phat Connect visit

15 Nov 2010 12:29


Phat Joe, in my humble opinion, is an average Joe...Could South Africans please get off this 'celebrity' culture bandwagon?it's fake,pretensious and most of all downright stupid....there are much more important issues to deal with in this world than someone as insignificant as this average Joe...
Posted on 16 Nov 2010 13:54
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