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Celebs and Heart 104.9FM brave the Atlantic for a worthy cause

South African celebrities joined Heart 104.9FM's Breakfast Show host Phat Joe and the team for an icy dip in the Atlantic Ocean this morning (01 September 2010) for their third annual Spring Dip. The 2010 event, saw Heart 104.9FM partner with leading 24-hour convenience store brand, Freshstop, to not only celebrate the beginning of Spring but also to highlight Lifesaving Western Province (LWP) and the great work that they do and to help raise awareness for water safety.
Egon Seconds, Tapfuma Makina and Chester Williams
Egon Seconds, Tapfuma Makina and Chester Williams
Egon Seconds and listeners as they plunge in the cold water
Egon Seconds and listeners as they plunge in the cold water
Ard Matthews and Vanessa Haywood
Ard Matthews and Vanessa Haywood
Chester Williams, ex-rugby player, and TV Commentator who also partook in the event said, "It is important to support the Lifesaving WP club and what they do as they voluntarily protect us and our kids on the beaches. It makes this fun event all worthwhile". "Every year there are so many beach accidents and we definitely need to create more awareness of the role the Lifesaving WP club plays in our safety says former Stormer's rugby player Egon Seconds. " I also thought it would be much warmer today", he humorously adds.

Phat Joe and the rest of the breakfast team were psyched and ready to go at the break of dawn this morning as they broadcasted live from outside the Surf Zone Shop at Eden on the Bay. Phat Joe very bravely in his Speedo and Tapfuma Makina, Heart 104.9FM Sports Cage presenter, in his mankini were the first ones to take the plunge. "The water was cold and numbing! But it was a very cool way to celebrate the first day of spring" says Phat Joe.

Actress, presenter, and model Vanessa Haywood also came along to participate. When asked about her experience she says with a smile, "Can you spell hyperthermia? It was so much fun and I highly recommend a daily morning Atlantic Ocean swim. And it was all for a great cause as the Lifesaving WP club are out there saving lives and protecting our seas." Just Jinger lead singer Ard Matthews said that he knew what to expect when plunging into the cold water. "I live close by and I am used to the cold water. I am also very excited that summer is on its way and came along to be part of this great cause," says Matthews.

Several listeners, lifeguards, and the SA navy all joined in on the fun as they dipped in the ocean in support of this great cause. Keith Matthews, Public Relations practitioner for Lifesaving WP says, "I am pleased to see so many celebrities and listeners come out and support the Lifesaving WP club this morning. This great initiative emphasises the importance of water safety and it's great to see so many involved in creating this awareness". Lifesaving WP club takes this opportunity to provide a few tips to beach goers for the upcoming summer season:
  • Swim at lifeguard protected areas between 10:00 and 18:00 on weekends and public holidays.
  • Be surf smart
  • Always swim with others.
  • Keep an eye on children.
  • Know your limitations.
  • Always use sunscreen.
  • Do not drink and dive.
  • Swim between the lifeguard flags.
  • Obey lifeguard instructions.
  • Leave bravado at home, it might cost you your life.
  • Learn swimming and water survival skills.
  • Obey all safety signs and warning flags.
For more information on lifeguarded beaches in your area, contact Keith Matthews on 021 397 1006.

3 Sep 2010 09:20


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