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Irma G joins Heart 104.9FM

Veteran radio and club DJ Irma G has joined the Heart 104.9FM family as co-producer of the Point of View Show with Randall Abrahams on a Saturday morning from 9am to 12 noon and host of the Sunday mid-morning show from 10am to 2pm show. She will also be presenting the Heart in the City feature which showcases the latest specials for the week from well known brands.
Irma G joins Heart 104.9FM
Irma is positive about the move to Heart 104.9FM and feels it came at the right time. "With 14 years of radio experience under my belt it is time for me to get behind the microphone again. I look forward to ploughing my skills and knowledge into the shows at Heart 104.9FM. The move enables me to lend more of myself to an industry that excites me and that I have a real love for," she says.

Vernon Adams, Programming Manager at Heart 104.9FM says, "It is with great pride that I welcome Irma G home, her experience and talent will be fully realised here at Heart 104.9FM."

Irma's show on Sundays will have a distinct vibe and will offer classics and easy listening tunes from the past and the present. "I want to keep Sundays real through the music and the way in which I will engage with the listeners. The show will give listeners just what they want for that time of the day and week - music that reminds them of the 'good old days'," she says. The show will tackle issues that pertain to the typical Cape Town listener and will also include a 'your money' feature with Paul Barnard offering sound financial advice.

As with all the other Heart 104.9FM DJs, Irma has a real connection with Cape Town and its communities. She grew up and still lives in Mitchells Plain where her love for radio emerged when she started working at an in-house radio station at Westgate Mall. She is proudly Capetonian and says she wouldn't changed a thing about it, "I've lived here all my life and love every aspect of it."

13 Aug 2010 14:50


Wow. The small mindedness of radio in Cape Town NEVER ceases to amaze me. Just in the last six months alone, KFM took Lee Downs from Heart. Good Hope took Stan Mars from heart. And Heart took Irma from KFM. That's pretty sick people. Looks like the program managers of these station have absolutely no creativity or balls to try anything new. Pathetic!!!!
Posted on 18 Aug 2010 20:43
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