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Tapfuma steps out of his cage to become a warrior

Heart 104.9FM Sports Cage host, Tapfuma Makina, will be taking on the challenge to be crowned the “Ultimate Warrior” on the new reality show on M-Net Action.
Tapfuma steps out of his cage to become a warrior
Way of the Warrior, a 13-part reality series, involves 16 out-of-shape males between the ages of 25-35 years shaping up through the ancient martial art of Muaythai. The show, presented by Colin Moss, promises to be tough and will test the contestant's determination and will power as they have to survive elimination every week by fighting for the honour of the Ultimate Warrior.

Tapfuma Makina, who is actually a qualified microbiologist, hosts Heart 104.9FM Sports Cage every weekday from 6pm to 7pm and 10am on Saturday mornings. He holds a B.Sc. in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Rhodes University but has a great love for radio. He was one of the most popular and professional presenters on Rhodes Music Radio.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Tapfuma attended primary school in Botswana, high school in Zimbabwe, and spent time working in the UK. He loves sport, enjoys reading, and is passionate about music.

Through this reality show, Tapfuma says he is looking to lose weight and gain discipline. “I had been trying to get into the gym to lose weight for a while now. I would go for a week, change my diet, eat healthy for a bit, but it wouldn't last long, so I needed something more drastic - and this is it! It's funny how we allow ourselves to let go. So, you'll see me battling to work through training and get fit,” says Makina. Tapfuma will live and train at the Dragon Power Muaythai camp in Cape Town while being put on a strict diet and train six days a week. Each contestant will fight each other each week with the techniques they have learnt in order to survive elimination.

Watch Tapfuma in action every Monday at 6pm on M-Net Action (Channel 106 DSTV). You can also tune into his breakfast show, Saturdays 06h00-09h00 on Heart 104.9FM.

19 Mar 2010 12:10


Now please lose the fake American's really stupid and annoying.
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 15:22
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