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Helicopter ride blows first day fears away

Thousands of Capetonian mothers had to wipe away a tear as their little ones headed off to big school this morning. Liam Cupido and his mother, Karen, beat the first day fears with a helicopter ride to school accompanied by Heart 104.9FM on-air presenter Julian Naidoo. Liam's mother won this memorable moment for her son by entering the Ackermans First Day Fly In competition on Heart 104.9FM.
Julian Naidoo, Liam and mom Karen Cupido and Ryan O'Malley
Julian Naidoo, Liam and mom Karen Cupido and Ryan O'Malley
Lucky Liam and mom Karen Cupido
Lucky Liam and mom Karen Cupido
The excitement of the first day of school was an overwhelming experience for this young learner. When asked whether he enjoyed the ride, Liam only managed a nod. “He was quite emotional,” says Ms Cupido. “He was very nervous and excited at the same time but the helicopter trip helped him overcome his anxieties and was most definitely the highlight of his day.”

Julian Naidoo arrived at the Cupido residence to help the family get ready for school. He escorted Liam and his mother by 4x4 to the Civair helicopter pad. The 20-minute air born ride blew all Liam's fears away substituting it with lots of excitement. Liam was the envy of all his new school mates as he entered Ferndale Primary in Ottery. To celebrate their first day at big school Liam and his new friends were treated to a first day party hosted by Heart 104.9FM and Ackermans. “This was an amazing experience, thanks Heart 104.9FM,” says Karen. “I wanted to give Liam something to remember this day for the rest of his life, and with the station's help I succeeded.”

13 Jan 2010 11:11


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