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Airwaves are steaming up

Dr Eve, Couple Sex Therapist, and famous TV personality, Derek van Dam, join Heart 104.9FM during October. Both personalities are set to heat up the airwaves with Dr Eve addressing issues around sexuality, relationships and reproductive health and Van Dam delivering accurate weather reports for the long-awaited summer.
Dr Eve
Dr Eve
“Heart 104.9FM's unique programming mix attracts media talents like Dr Eve and Derek van Dam,” says Vernon Adams, program manager. He adds that “we are very pleased to make them part of our valued offering further increasing our listeners experience of a great radio product.”

In terms of her role at Heart 104.9FM, Dr Eve had the following to say: “We will be creating a professional safe forum in which people will feel comfortable to join in discussions. The aim is to educate, inform and entertain listeners and the content will focus on sexuality, sexual health, relationships and loving.” She added that “the principles underlying the content are rights, responsibilities and respect and the rewards of healthy loving.” The show will also be focussing on broader issues and provide information on safer sex, HIV and violence which will be threaded through each show. Dr Eve writes for magazines and newspapers country wide and contributes to international publications and academic journals.

Derek van Dam
Derek van Dam
While those heated discussions happen, we'll also talk temperature variations with Derek van Dam as he provides the Mother City with its very own personalised weather forecast. He will be joining the Hearty Breakfast team daily and help listeners plan their day better.

He has had a strange fascination with the weather from an early age. “I wanted to become a weather man on TV. A different choice for most boys at a young age, but I followed my passion and studied meteorology, broadcast and cinematic arts and mathematics at Central Michigan University,” says van Dam. He continues that “all Capetonians know that you can catch a beautiful suntan on Camps Bay at the exact time that Bellville is flooding. This is familiar territory for me as I was an on-air meteorologist before, so as I understand what it takes to get your morning started right.”

You can catch Dr Eve every Wednesday from 20h00 - 21h00 with Diggy Bongz and Derek van Dam weekdays from 06h00 - 09h00 with Lee Downs. For more information visit our website at

16 Oct 2009 11:28


Nothing more gullible must people be to fall for this? what's so special about him reading the weather? can just imagine how much more Lee Downs is going to put on that fake accent..what a bunch of prima donnas...
Posted on 16 Oct 2009 14:49
blah blah blah. Are they desperate for PR or what? This is what happens when you have bored people as managers. hmmm Heart sucks anyway.
Posted on 16 Oct 2009 17:15
So much for new innovative radio-
Heart is doing the same old thing - Dr Eve has been on Capital Radio 604, ECR, Metro and Good Hope if memory serves me well. Now Heart are repeating the same old content. As for Derek, he will add no value. He may be "eye candy" for some on TV but on radio, it doesn't work. I think Jacaranda FM tried it for a while with Derek on Darren's Scott show and they dropped him after a few months. Heart management should be more original and innovative. shame... :(
Posted on 19 Oct 2009 15:56
I don't listen to radio in CT at all. I prefer variety and i've got better things to do than listen to the same music repeated day in and day out.Heart the worst of the lot
Posted on 21 Oct 2009 19:27
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