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Absa Heartwarming Campaign building better communities

Absa and local radio station Heart 104.9FM are putting their best foot forward and showing their hearts with the launch of the Absa Heartwarming Campaign. The three year campaign, leading up to 2010, will aim at building better communities by starting in the disadvantaged schools and children of Cape Town.
Absa Heartwarming Campaign building better communities
The campaign started this week (17th June) at Sivuyiseni Primary School in Khayelitsha and will be uplifting 17 dis-advantaged primary schools in and around Cape Town over the next 17 weeks. “We believe that building better communities start with our children,” says Gavin Meiring, Managing Director of Heart 104.9FM. He continues by saying that when you uplift the schools of these children you ultimately provide the children with a foundation on which their futures are built.

A team made up of on-air personalities, listener volunteers and Absa staff from the local branches will be stationed at a different school every week. In liaison with the Peninsula School Feeding Association, who will continue the process, they'll be providing meals during that week. The most significant intervention will be identifying various needs specific to each school and calling on local business, Absa clients and Heart 104.9FM listeners to find solutions. The bank's local staff at each location will take responsibility for ensuring the administration of funds collected in the schools' interests for the rest of the year until the campaign commences again in 2009.

Absa Heartwarming Campaign building better communities
Within two days of running the campaign on air this week the station already reached its first target by raising three computers for Sivuyiseni Primary School including refurbishments and funds for ongoing technical support. Public Relations Officer for the station says that she is in awe with the response that the campaign has received to date. “Even though we are all under pressure with the increasing cost of living, Capetonians are not slow in giving to the needy,” says Laubscher. She continued by saying that many are not aware of just what a big difference they can make to others lives, by just the smallest donation or giving of time and resources.

Gavin Mageni, Provincial Head, Absa Group Marketing highlighted again that the children of the selected schools are in desperate need of help, not just money, but also time and resources. He further said that the campaign calls on the community surrounding the schools to step in and to adopt these schools, together with the Absa branches in the areas, who will be sustaining the campaign after the task team moves to the next school. “For this reason we are calling all old boys and girls of the different primary schools, businesses in the community as well as individuals to get involved in their nearest school,” says Mageni.

Tune into Heart 104.9FM to hear what the specific needs of each school are and to bring joy to the hearts of these young souls by donating anything from stationery to vehicles, or by providing labour and materials for fixing windows and painting classrooms and more. Each week a different school will be introduced to the listeners and specific targets set for each school.

Everyone is invited to donate R5 by SMSing “KIDS” to 36613; by making a credit card donation via Credit Gate on the station's website, or by direct deposit into the Absa Heart Warming Campaign account at any Absa branch (Account Number: 9166269981 and Branch Code: 632005). You can also register to join them in serving a lunch to a school near you by contacting their offices on 021-406 8900.

To help you find out how YOU can put your best foot forward and show your heart a lost of the schools and their needs are available on website throughout the campaign.

27 Jun 2008 17:19


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