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Cash or Car Challenge

June 2008 sees the launch of Heart 104.9FMs Cash or Car Challenge. With the bleak economic state consumers are faced with at the moment, this challenge is sure to bring a whole lot of colour into the lives of the Heart 104.9FM listeners.
Starting June 16, Heart 104.9FM are giving away R1 000 and a key to their Cash or Car vault every day. If that key opens the vault at the final event, the winner will be challenged to choose between a brand new VW Citi Golf 1.4 or R60 000 in cash.

Based on a R5 SMS entry, there'll be a daily winner every weekday until 11 July. That afternoon, live on their African Bank Afternoon Drive, the 20 key holders will get together to find out whose key fits the lock of the vault. A factory-fresh VW Citi Golf 1.4 or R60 000? In these tough times, it's no easy choice.

The primary communication throughout the campaign will be to consistently encourage the consumer to play and tune in for details on how to play, to stand the chance to be entered into the Grand Prize Draw. With a prizes that, in these times, is simply irresistible Heart 104.9's Cash or Car Challenge is yet another example of the master minded ideas that ensures the stations growing loyalty in Cape Town.

11 Jun 2008 16:18


How original...-
"Heart 104.9's Cash or Car Challenge is yet another example" of another unoriginal idea that attempts to buy Cape Town listeners (Hasn't seen whether this has worked for them - because if memory serves me right, isn't their listener's taking a dip. Anyway, if that is not bad enough, this communication is promoting this competition like it's an innovative idea.
Posted on 12 Jun 2008 12:58
What's new-
Dude we all know the only stations that will throw a party for the buying of studio light-bulbs are Heart & Jacaranda...How many different competitions does 5fm or Metro or 702 have on a daily basis? But we never get to read stupid Press releases of them?
Posted on 12 Jun 2008 13:53
Dude you are an idiot!-
If you checked the latest Rams, heart 1049 is officially the no 2 radio station in Cape Town. Here is the official figure 650 000. Check your facts beore spewing your poison next time. P.S your suggestion that Heart is the only station that throws money at their listeners is mis-informed. What was the last big competion that Good hopefm ran. What is Kfm currently doing? Check in with them and get back to me.
Posted on 13 Jun 2008 16:55
Just do it!-
I don't care about what competitions or topics they have as long as they don't force their silly press realeses up our throats. My point is how come all other stations never make noise about their this and that competitions...they just do it. Heart & Jacaranda always make the whole SA know about their whatever give-away, even a pencil give away.
Posted on 14 Jun 2008 15:48
They are doing it!-
I get your point "Anon" about the other stations. However as a radio station, you have to utilize every available opportunity to market your product, even if you are giving away a pencil. If the other stations feel that its silly to market every competition they run on a platform such as bizcommunity, then that is their oversight. Bizcommunity is a marketing platform, big or small anything goes. P.S These marketing ploys that you perceive as being unnecessary and silly have resulted in the healthy figures that heart is enjoying presently.
Posted on 14 Jun 2008 16:59
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