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Heart 104.9FM's traffic idol

Cape Town radio station Heart 104.9FM has issued an open invitation to audition for a slot on air.
When their “Hearty Breakfast” team heard that their hugely popular traffic news anchor, Marguerita Freeks, is going to leave the station at the end of April for a three year European tour with her singing group, they realised it would take an exceptional person to fill her shoes. So they decided on an exceptional approach to replacing her.

On April 26 a panel of managers and on-air personalities, including Freeks, will gather at the station's Greenpoint studios to select candidates for the job from members of the public. Hundreds of people are expected to mob the venue from 7am on the day to audition for what the station has dubbed the next “traffic idol”.

The following week, five finalists will each get to do the job for a day, and then the station's listeners will vote to determine who gets the post. The lucky winner will undergo training and become part of Heart 104.9FM's team for a trial period starting in May.

Appropriately, as potential winners download registration forms for the audition day; the station's website,, is already experiencing an unprecedented amount of traffic.

16 Apr 2008 14:29


Wrong job description...-
They don't need a traffic idol so much as a harbour master to guide the sinking ship into the drydock...
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 17:06
Timothy Kale Mogogole
Talent scouting....excellent-
Hi there....! station like Heart fm and Highveld stereo in Jo-burg needs to be prays for bring talent scouting campaign, gone are the days where by program’s managers will insist of conducting audition. You are bring back the love of radio to those who are keen to join the station and by conduction something as interesting as this campaign, your listeners rate will sky rocket…Thank you guys for giving others a chance…!
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 17:25
What drydock?-
That breakfast show you so carelessly refer to as a "drydock" is no 1 within the Cape Town metropol. Take your pessimisim elsewhere my friend. Fair enough if you don't listen to the show but do't insult those who do. Well done to Heart for looking for fresh talent, marketing ploy or not. It's a win win situation.
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 21:26
No. 1 in the metropole!!!!!!!! Cape Town must really be lacking talent if that is indeed the truth!
Posted on 17 Apr 2008 13:42
no 1?-
hahaha, no 1 i think not! show us the audience firgues
Posted on 17 Apr 2008 15:48
Go find the figures.-
If you want the figures go find them. Check the Rams from Nov 2007-Feb 2008. Check the figures for all 3 breakfast shows and come back to me. The new Rams are coming out sometime next week. There might be a few surprises there also.
Posted on 17 Apr 2008 20:37
Not insulting anyone.-
No insult intended to anyone; it's a free country and everyone has different tastes. But there's no denying the station is in a heap of trouble behind the scenes.
Posted on 18 Apr 2008 08:35
Tell it like it is
Disaster station-
Tell it like it huge cover up of what is going on behind the scenes and a feable attempt to look good after a nasty media display. If you just take note of the past media coverage of the station managements behaviour with staff and outsiders then who the hell would want to work there? Only the desperate and the ignorant..or maybe someone with the same base values! Shame... I certainly have no respect for the station. The figures of the audience themsleves don't make a station. In my world they are far from a lucrative advertising option for me because they don't offer me anything!! In fact I'm too scared to associate with them because they may tarnish my brand. There's no professionalism among the managers there, or the staff. There's no integrity and there's no morals. You might look at it as a win win situation because of there so called talent campaign. The only reason they're doing this is to improve their image and try to be seen as a station for the people. When they treat their own like /[email protected]#$% then how on earth do you expect them to truly respect the public. One's values and morals start with self and they don't have it. I feel sorry for the poor sorry soul who gets the job. They're in for one hell of a ride - hope they have nerves of steel.
Posted on 18 Apr 2008 10:43
Is it Gavin Meiring FM commenting about the Hearty Breakfast Show being number one in the Metropole? Let's see those figures then
Posted on 19 Apr 2008 15:56
What is wrong with cleaning a brand's image?-
Yes, heart has gone through some tough times lately but they are far from a disaster. As someone associated with a brand yourself you should understand that. However, you seem to have adopted a hollier than thou attitude Your comments,"tell it like it is" seem to be of a personal nature. Furthermore, your commentary is insulting to those who work at heart devoid of any desperation. Seemingly, you've heard some run ins with individuals employed by the station "there is no integrity and no morals" alludes to that fact. The behind the scenes shenanigans of people having sex with each other and some getting fired because of incompetency have no bearing whatsoever on what my post was about. I could careless about heart's staff lack of morals. Who am I to judge? Remember newspapers have to be sold too. Your comments would be valid to me if heart was a church institution The product put out by the hearty breakfast show is not without flaws. Flawless or not the show is doing well. I'm a Capetonian who is presented with 3 options every morning. Nigel's politically driven I know best attitude on Ghfm. Nic Marais's robotic attempt at breakfast radio at Kfm. I choose Lee's let's have fun every morning Cape Town approach. P.S This is not Gavin. I doubt he has time to reply to these posts.
Posted on 19 Apr 2008 18:01
Tell it like it is!
You are wrong-
Firstly I have no personal interaction with the people of the station I have just watched with interest their media parade. And what is wrong with having morals? Morals and values don't just belong to church goers. The fact that you are saying that morals have no impact on a brand shows me that you have no idea of what makes a brand long lasting and in line with the people of SA. You may have no morals but it doesn't mean that the rest of SA doesn't...or is that what you're saying? SA is a 'moralless' society? Promoting a society where morals and values are inconsequnetial. Well then - what the heng we can just do anything we please, why have a justice system ...hell why have anything to keep people in line. Perhaps there are staff there who are of high calibre and not part of the horrible actions of the past. I feel for them. I feel for anyone who works for an organisation which doesn't implement a code of ethics. What did you study by the way and what did you learn then about corporate governance and integrity - sounds like nothing. Oh and by the way if they were serious about cleaning up their image shouldn't they start with cleaning up the management that created the bad brand in the first place? I would advise a strategic management course - even a first year basic for you if you don't understand.
Posted on 29 Apr 2008 15:33
Idol Chatter-
I'm aware that Heart's activities always generate passionate discussion, while many other station's output seems to just sail by. Is it frustration: a perception that they would totally dominate their market if they "got their act together" (in the precise way each correspondent believes they should)? Or is there a history I'm missing out on?
Posted on 29 Apr 2008 16:26
You are just plain insulting now. "Tell it like you want it to be"-
Keep watching the media parade and let that be your barometer for what Heart is about. We'll never agree on anything myself and you. I'm morally bankrupt and you are the custodian of all things pure. I'm out
Posted on 30 Apr 2008 06:29
You've hit the nail on the head-
Frustration, pure and simple. What could have been a really great station with so much to offer Cape Town as an alternative to its boring competitors, has become a place of missed opportunities and lost chances. Even with the intervention of some of the best people in the business, it just doesn't seem able to rise to the heights it should be achieving. Why? Lack of professionalism? Pie in the sky-idealism? Lack of ethics? Failure to understand the market? Lack of talent? Lack of investment? All of the above? Who knows. As someone who used to work there in the dodgy old days, I know that a a complete and utter failure of communication and understanding of the business at founding shareholder level, certainly played a big part in its initial troubles. But it is so disappointing that the intervention of Kagiso still hasn't managed to turn it around.
Posted on 5 May 2008 10:42
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