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A new voice for Cape Town’s wake-up call

Lee Downs is the new voice for Cape Town’s Hearty Breakfast Show but his voice has not only been limited to Cape Town - he has had a history of Broadcasting across the whole of South Africa too.
Lee Downs started his career as a 17-year-old at Capitol Radio 604 in Durban. At 17, he heard about a talent search that Capitol had launched called “Give It a Go”, so he did. Of over 5000 applicants, Lee was chosen to host a programme once a week at the station.

Lee went from strength to strength and was nominated for both the Protea and Artes awards for excellence in radio.

From 1997 he owned the afternoon drive shows in Cape Town and is now taking on a new challenge to dish out an all new morning experience for Hearty Breakfast Show listeners.

"It's everything you need to jumpstart your mornings, a complete course delivered fast and fresh. The show is all about opinions and issues relevant to Capetonians. I'm really excited to take up the challenge, building on the solid foundation set by my colleague, Saskia Falken," says Downs.

Saskia will now be taking over after the Hearty Breakfast to host her own Lifestyle based show from 9am to 12 noon which promises to focus on Cape Town, its people, its communities and its lush way of living life.

Nick Feinberg and Leanne Arendse stay on the Hearty Breakfast Show as the sports and news anchors respectively, whilst Marguerita moves with Lee to the morning drive.

Catch the Hearty Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday between 06.00am and 09.00am, its guaranteed to make you Get up and Go.
27 Feb 2007 17:26


Hearty Congrats Lee-
It says a lot of an individual when they can hold the spotlight in a specialised sector over a length of time. While some people change their pace / careers - great brands maintain mind and heart space, social place and consistently up their game. Rock on Lee!
Posted on 28 Feb 2007 10:34
I Totally Agree! U go boy!-
I couldn't have said it better Merle. We luv u Lee.
Posted on 28 Feb 2007 12:52
Brian Oxley
Brian Oxley
Lee takes Heart-
Congrats to Lee. Enjoy the early mornings! Sorry to be pedantic but just for the record - whilst I realise that Capital Radio was indirectley government funded, it wasn't the seat of Transkei government as you would have us belive by calling it Capitol Radio. Common mistake!
Posted on 6 Mar 2007 09:10
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