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InGEAR's hard on your heels!

Hey, have got InGEAR yet? Well, I mean if you think you're up to date with what's really cool on four wheels you should be into InGEAR right up to your sexy bonnet... and beyond. It's the latest newspaper car mag - it's all about being hip on the strip, cool on the dual and raising the bar on the tar!
InGEAR's hard on your heels!
InGEAR is in the Sunday Tribune every weekend – and what's more it's free.

It's very different from what's on all other motoring media menus. The focus is upmarket, the target reader is the achiever and it's unashamedly geared at the motorist who's not into cheap deals on wheels – rather it's for those who demand something unusual. It wants to tell you things like whether it's still possible to get a leg over in a Mini Cooper, whether big bonnets are really multifunctional and just how cool you'd look in mod gear with your hair blowing in the wind. And, of course, there's a whole lot about all those zooty cars, SUVs, double cab recreation vehicles and weekend motorcycles.

Callaway Cars' 338km/h C16 Speedster which was featured in a recent copy of InGEAR
Callaway Cars' 338km/h C16 Speedster which was featured in a recent copy of InGEAR
So don't lose out. Make out with InGEAR in the Tribune... every Sunday.

PS: An added extra is a column by TopGear's Jeremy Clarkson every month.

PPS: The Sunday Tribune has a guaranteed readership of 723 000 and thus positions inGEAR as one of the largest motoring publications in the country. Comparing the rates with other motoring publications of a similar or smaller readership it's not hard to see why inGEAR becomes an obvious choice.

3 Sep 2007 15:41



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