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Publisher Hosted Programmatic Guaranteed (PHPG)

Independent Online (IOL) offers latest programmatic features for improved ROI
The digital team at IOL are exploring the latest products and services within the programmatic space and here is yet another one that buyers within the digital industry can squeeze further value-for-money from. In the digital realm this is as exciting as that moment when your favourite song plays on the DJ set.

Programmatic advertising is a trending topic amongst the South African media buyers and agencies. Simply put, it is the automated process of buying and selling online media space, ad space on web properties. This is an efficient form of advertising and allows brands to engage with tailored audiences in real-time, relating to their target market as opposed to the “spray-and-pray” technique.

IOL together with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), bring to Africa, publisher hosted programmatic guaranteed deals which can now be run on the vast amount of Websites hosted underneath the Independent media network such as;,,,,, and much more.

What is it?

Currently any automated/programmatic media buy that occurs is restricted to certain Ad/banner/video sizes that are deemed by Google as “Standard sizes”. These common sizes definitely work, but are traded all to often across a variety of publisher websites and can often go unnoticed by users or aren’t as engaging as it should be due to the repetitive nature of its size and placement on the website. However, not all supply is created equally, meaning that publishers know that specific ad spots on their sites are worth more than others, especially if these ad spots can only be filled by custom ad sizes that is unique to that particular publisher website.

Since custom sizes cannot be traded programmatically, one would have to manually contact the publisher, via phone or email, to be able to tap into these custom, high quality ad spots which generally yields greater return on marketing investment (ROMI). With PHPG deals, these custom sizes are made available programmatically so you as a buyer are able to tap into these high performance, more engaging, high view-ability, custom sized ad units unique to a specific publisher, from the comfort of your office. Doing this gives buyers the control of the custom creatives or ad units from their ad servers and subsequently report on metrics on their end for campaign monitoring and optimisations.

How is it different?

Best to illustrate this through a case study where a custom creative was used to engage with users with an in-video HTML5 ad unit. Click here for a case study.

This particular business generated results that made their client happy. Some of which include:
  • 165% lift in Click-through rate (CTR)
  • 23+% increase in attention quality
  • 40% lift in video completion rates
  • 300+% increase in touch rates (Mobile)
About Independent Online

IOL is Independent Media’s digital offering bringing millions of readers quality news across South Africa. With a growing daily unique online audience, is one of the largest NEWS websites in the country. Independent Media’s established loyal base is due to its approach to delivering fresh, quality content across its brands. Striving for true diversity, IOL offers news for the people of South Africa.

At the heart of Independent’s digital capability is the Ad Operations team who ensure that site visitors have a non-intrusive ad experience as they browse the latest news. The team is responsible for refining new technology and offers innovative advertising opportunities to digital buyers and agencies.

20 Feb 2018 10:37


About Riaan Sunny

Riaan graduated from UCT with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Statistics and Economics. He is passionate about Programmatic Media and Yield management and has managed teams and drastically improved overall Revenue in some of the Largest Publishing websites in South Africa. Programmatic is his middle name and Yield management is the Game.


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