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Independent Media condemns campaign of disinformation on its restructure

After a recent article in the Cape Messenger alleging that a purge was underway in the company, Independent Media has issued a press release to set the record straight.
Here is the full text of the press release:

Independent Media executive chairman Dr Iqbal Surve File picture: Ian Landsberg
Independent Media executive chairman Dr Iqbal Surve File picture: Ian Landsberg

Independent Media rejects with contempt the blatant lies contained in a recent article written by discredited former employee, Donwald Pressly (Cape Times set for purge, Cape Messenger, 12/08/16) and fanned by several other disgruntled former contributors of Independent Media.

For the record, we can categorically state that the Cape Times and Cape Argus will not be merging. The rumours currently doing the rounds are unfounded and baseless. They serve one purpose only - they are designed to destabilise our working environment, create insecurity and uncertainty amongst our staff, our investors and our clients. The question is, why would anyone say something untrue, which has no basis in fact?

We also note the hysterical reaction on social media by Max du Preez who has gone to great lengths to capitalize on this misinformation and propaganda.

As we have stated in a previous communication, this is part of an ongoing disinformation campaign being driven against Independent Media and our executive chairman, Dr Iqbal Survé. It is a campaign driven by morally bankrupt individuals, with a racist mindset bent on undermining our business.

Donwald Pressly further stated that 1200 staff members have been served with Section 189 letters, as alleged. Yet another blatant lie, allegedly fed by an “anonymous” internal source.

Independent Media has embarked on a redesign process which requires structural changes in the editorial and marketing divisions. This is in line with our strategy to offer multi-platform solutions to our customers and consumers as opposed to our current print-only solution.

To meet this demand, we need to reposition our content generation capabilities. This, therefore, requires a fresh approach to the way we are structured and currently operating. This proposed transition has been informed by best practices in the global media industry.

Media24 and Times Media Group (TMG) have, for a while now, embarked on repositioning their businesses in order to remain competitive and sustainable. Independent Media is no different. It is a fact that TMG issued Section 189 letters to staff members in June 2016. Where was the noise from Donwald Pressly then? Yet, Independent has been singled out because of an agenda designed to discredit our business.

It is unsurprising therefore that our detractors would want to use every dishonourable tactic to discredit our company.

We will continue to remain focused on our main aim which is to serve our readers and professionally provide value to our clients.

15 Aug 2016 17:20



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