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Indy hosts Judges Wrap at the Loeries

The advertising industry is experiencing growth in innovation. This is according to Loerie Awards judge, Declan Sharpe. Speaking at Independent Media's Judges Wrap event, Sharpe said the entries received in the students category have improved a great deal in this year's Loerie Awards. The party held at the Durban beachfront celebrated the judges who participated in the Loeries Creative Week.
Jermaine Craig
Jermaine Craig
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From left : Linda Gibson, Greg le Roux, Andrew Taylor, Vasantha Angamuthu, Jermaine Craig, Sandy Naudé
From left : Linda Gibson, Greg le Roux, Andrew Taylor, Vasantha Angamuthu, Jermaine Craig, Sandy Naudé
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Sharpe believes the amount of entries from students in universities, advertising colleges and design schools reflects a bright future for the industry as it reflects an industry on a growth path. "It was a fantastic year. We had about 350 entries to go through... A lot of highly crafted work and a lot of peer attention that has gone through these pieces so it was difficult to judge," said Sharpe.

Sharpe said those who made it to the finals produced work that is unique, innovative and well crafted. He said the entrants in this year's competition would bring fresh ideas when they entered the industry.

"The party was great for the media industry and Independent Media's Durban brands," said Independent Media's Brand and Editorial Executive, Jermaine Craig. "It's the cream of the crop, the best creative minds in the country. For us as a media group, we are excited to host the team this evening, all the judges, and we are still excited to be a very 'vibey' part of this industry".

The event allowed advertising and media executives to network and share ideas about the media industry. Executives from media companies said they were happy to attend the ceremony as it allowed them to interact with each other and opened many opportunities for businesses.

Alex Goldberg from FoxP2 said the caliber, originality and different genres coming in from this year's entrants meant the advertising industry is growing and has a bright future. He believes the decision to move the awards ceremony to Durban was a good one and could allow for new ideas to formulate.

Those in attendance shared Goldberg's sentiments that the move to Durban was good as the advertising industry is booming in KwaZulu-Natal.

Another popular highlight is the newly added Smarties Awards that will award those who have made a success out of mobile marketing.

Earlier in the day Independent Media hosted the Independent Media's Amazing Race where media executives raced around Durban, completing challenges at various pit-stops.

The party forms part of the Loeries Creative Week and celebrates the judges who have audited and judged all entries in this year's awards ceremony.

18 Aug 2015 12:13



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