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Ananzi Maps introduces the easy-to-use aerial view of SA

Ananzi Maps has once again raised the bar in online mapping by providing visitors the option of switching between street map mode and aerial image viewing. This addition is the newest advancement to the online mapping system on Ananzi Maps.
Utilising the cutting-edge skills of Always Active Technology (AAT), Ananzi Maps has implemented the new mapping system on their website

The aerial viewing advancement was created by AAT over the past two years, after they found a need for a system which was able to integrate multiple data sources whilst also handling the advertising needed to fund the project. The mapping system has five phases in its developmental life cycle and is currently in phase three, with plenty of exciting developments in the pipelines.

Brabys Maps Street Mode
Brabys Maps Street Mode
Brabys Maps Aerial View
Brabys Maps Aerial View

"We are very excited that users can use this homegrown system which has awesome capabilities," comments Ananzi Managing Director, Mr. Mark Buwalda.

"The development of the mapping technology was born out of the need to integrate GIS (Graphical Information System) Mapping and Directories along with the advertising model to cover costs. We searched the world for software to do just that and we found that GIS packages are expensive and none of them could meet our needs. Whilst the internet is exploding once again, the amount of data is overwhelming and the mapping system we have developed is a window into geographically based information," explains Mr. Rob Fisher, Chairman of AAT.

The mapping system is easy to use, as all a user has to do is to type in the desired point of interest into the search boxes. The user is then provided with an accurate route map and the aerial images can be obtained by switching from map to aerial mode.

Ananzi Maps is set to be a valuable source of mapping info for the 2010 World Cup Soccer. As a first-rate system for individuals, both tourists and locals will benefit from the directions, direct routes and points of interests, which can now is enhanced with aerial images.

28 Mar 2007 17:42



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