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Provantage launches ProActive

Vaughan Berry unpacks the benefits of their latest offering.
Provantage launches ProActive
Brand activation is all about creating an experiential marketing interaction between brand and consumer. With this in mind, we have launched ProActive, a specialist brand activation agency.

Activation has always been at the core of what we do at Provantage. Since 2003 we have executed more than 5,000 unique activation campaigns and to ensure ongoing focus, growth and innovation we decided to give our activations unit its own name and identity. We will now have a clear positioning in the market as a specialist activation agency with a wide range of activation products and services.

ProActive offers a total turnkey brand activation solution. All elements from planning, strategy and design to flawless execution are taken care of in - house. This allows for complete campaign management and control. With our national resource network we are able to conceptualise and execute cost-effective, relevant, highly measurable, results-driven campaigns across the LSM spectrum nationwide.

Provantage launches ProActive
Our activations are brief driven and focused on communication solutions that achieve excellent results, while providing exceptional return on investment. We tailor for all activations taking the specific environment into consideration. Furthermore, clients receive a weekly detailed report for all activation campaigns, utilising state of the art technology and trade data information.

ProActive has a first class training facility, fitted with professional training equipment and also a small entertainment area for promoters to interact with each other after a training session. We provide an efficient and effective training service that is structured with clients' campaign needs in mind.

Our campaigns speak directly to the consumer in a familiar environment where they can touch, hear, see and even smell the brand. It brings the brand to life and makes the experience memorable. This ultimately ensures that awareness is generated around a brand, which in turn keeps it top of mind and builds loyalty. At the point of purchase, it is brand perception and unique selling points that will drive a consumer to choose one brand over another. ProActive stimulates this brand loyalty and ultimately connects people to brands, converting shoppers to customers.

ProActive offers a number of brand activation platforms, namely:
  • Roadshows: Interactive, entertaining and engaging shows in a variety of environments. Include ShoppaShows, industrial theatre, Super Rig, MobileUnit and customised trailers.
  • Instore: Brand Ambassadors creating awareness and driving sales at the point of purchase in retail, wholesale and specialist stores.
  • Airports: Brand Ambassadors at key points in airports with display stands to introduce products and services to air travellers.
  • Route to Market: Dedicated teams of Brand Ambassadors driving sales, distributing stock, merchandising shelves, mystery shopping and erecting POS and product merchandising across channels and the trade.
  • Street Teams: Ambassadors at key intersections drive excitement and awareness for a product or service.
  • Campus: Create excitement and awareness among students on university and college campuses.
  • Special Projects: Large scale activations that require a dedicated and specialised team.
  • AfterDark: Ambassadors driving awareness and sales in clubs, pubs and taverns.
  • CommuterActive: Large teams of Ambassadors create excitement and awareness in key commuter transport nodes (taxi ranks, stations, interchanges), blitz teams, gazebos, commuter classrooms.
  • Malls and Expos: Display stands with Brand Ambassadors driving awareness and excitement.
For more information contact 0861 776 826 or Vaughan Berry on az.oc.egatnavorp@bv
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8 Aug 2013 09:34