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The power of taxi advertising

When it comes to Taxi advertising, all forms of taxi advertising, the facts speak for themselves. Every week in South Africa, 18 million people commute using taxis. Most of them fall into the 4 to 7 LSM bracket; they are economically active and most are the buying decision makers at home. Taxis therefore transport over 80% of the country's economically active consumers.
As the country has evolved, so has commuting. Consumers have become more mobile due to urbanisation and centralisation of economic activities. They are spending longer periods commuting between home and work due to traffic congestion and distance. Massive investment in commuter infrastructure means that taxi commuting is being accessed together with other forms of transport such as the Gautrain, BRT in Gauteng, Metrorail and IRT in Cape Town.

The power of taxi advertising
The power of taxi advertising
Taxis Generate Impact

All these transport networks work hard, but not as hard as the taxi. Taxis get around. Each taxi works for twelve hours a day, completes 11 trips and covers between 290km and 320km. In a month a taxi will transport 4056 passengers and cover 8000 kilometres. Commuters aside, taxis are exposed to thousands of other people on the roads and in taxi ranks. Taxis transport account for 65% of the total number of people using public transport every week. Minibus taxis dominate 90% of the market with approximately 150,000 public taxis on the road. There are approximately 1100 taxi associations and more than 120 formal taxi ranks nationally. Estimated value of the Taxi Industry is R16,5-Billion.

Not only do they work hard commuting people, taxis are hardworking mobile billboards. They have mobility coupled with frequency on a route ensuring high visibility and repeat noticeability. A branded taxi will on average generate 25 impacts per kilometre. Per month, 100 taxis collectively will travel 800 000kms and generate 20 million impacts.

Geographical targeting is possible so there is no wasting messaging on the wrong consumer group. Taxis penetrate both rural and urban areas. As a vibrant outdoor advertising medium they attract a lot of attention. Branding enjoys long exposure time as commuters spend on average 20 minutes waiting for a taxi.

Commuters are also exposed to branding once they are inside the taxi. During the taxi trip these commuters are in a captive, controlled environment which is ideal for placing marketing messages. Commuters spend on average 59 minutes per day inside a taxi, where there is zero tune out, in other words, they can't turn off the branding. This generates leads and sales as many taxis stop outside retail areas. Exclusive, lengthy exposure in an uncluttered environment makes this medium ideal for conveying messages that are detailed and educational. Taxis are a vibrant, viable option when it comes to out of home advertising to the LSM 4 to 7 bracket.

"Given the fact that the pricing platform of exterior taxi advertising has remained unchanged for the past five years, it means that this medium is unrivalled in terms of delivering ROI and exposure, in both rural and urban areas," says Tanya Van Tonder, GM Marketing at Provantage Out of Home Media.

The power of taxi advertising
The power of taxi advertising
A Day in the Life of a Commuter

Taxis and taxi environments offer a multitude of touch points for consumers to interact with and be exposed to a brand. Walking to the taxi rank they see brand messaging on a billboard. At the taxi rank, they are exposed to more of the brand message on taxis and may interact with a brand ambassador distributing samples or flyers. Inside the taxi the brand message is further enhanced through panel branding and in-Taxi TV. He walks past a shop and, with the brand message top of mind, buys the product.

Matching Creative with the Medium

As with all media channels the actual creative execution often has a big influence on efficacy and the impact that it generates.

"We are delighted in the recent campaigns including Grandpa, Sunbake and Harpic as they clearly illustrate that the creative teams really understand the taxi medium as well as the market. We are constantly working with creative agencies in order to generate maximum impact for brands," says Van Tonder.

Taxis form part of the Fabric of our Communities

"We still believe that this medium is largely under-supported and under-utilised as many media buyers and planners still need to be informed and educated about this environment. We invite them to get off their chairs and out of their offices and go into this environment to experience it for themselves. Taxis are part and parcel of the fabric of our communities," concludes van Tonder.

The Benefits of Taxi Branding
  • Opportunity to reach 18 million consumers weekly
  • Commuters are captive for an average of 1 hour per day
  • High reach - 100 taxis generate 20million impacts per month
  • Geographical targeting ensures maximum impact
  • Targets economically active commuters - 84% of taxi commuters are household purchase decision makers
  • Zero tune-out Zones - can't turn off the taxi environment advertising messages
  • Affordable and effective
  • Effective market penetration in both urban and rural areas
  • Branding attracts a lot of attention due to its mobility
  • Taxi branding is impactful and generates high brand awareness

For more information please contact Tanya van Tonder on az.oc.egatnavorp@aynaT

8 Aug 2012 11:17