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Provantage brands metered cabs

The Cape Town city bowl and surrounds is home and workplace to numerous consumers in the upper LSM bracket, but with tight legislation surrounding out of home media, how can advertisers get to this extremely desirable market? The answer is deceptively simple - by having their brands move around areas that are most appealing to this consumer group.
Provantage brands metered cabs
Provantage brands metered cabs
Provantage brands metered cabs
With this in mind Provantage Out of Home Media has launched Branded Metered Cabs - a solution that has huge appeal for advertisers wanting to tap into the buying power of upper income consumers travelling through the main business, retail and tourist areas of the Mother City.

Metered cabs offer a premium advertising platform in an area with very limited outdoor branding opportunities."Acquiring rights to out of home platforms in Cape Town is always a challenge as legislation is tight. However, the branding of metered cabs is a clever, aesthetically pleasing mode of outdoor advertising that effectively delivers the message,without tarnishing the beauty of the natural environment. Metered cabsefficiently provide a dual purpose - that of transporting customers and taking a brand message to a desired geographic area," says Tanya Van Tonder, Product Manager: Transit and Tavernat Provantage.

Provantage's cab branding offers clients theopportunity to brand the Rikki Cab Fleet made up of London Cabs and Materias. These cabs operate in and around the Cape Town metropolitan areas including the City Bowl and the Atlantic Seaboard. The routes also include airport transfers, southern suburbs, Century City, Milnerton, TableView and Sea Point. They operate 24 hours per day Monday through to Sunday, prolonging the time of exposure, and transport approximately one thousand passengers per day. The cabs are used by local residents, students, tourists and business professionals - consumers who form part of a highly desirable consumer group.

Benefits to advertisers:
  • Metered cab branding is an effective means of mobile branding.
  • It offers premium exposure in Cape Town where there is limited availability of out of home branding.
  • It generates great exposure due to distances covered and travel time.
  • Full wrap branding and colourful creative execution draws attention.
  • Vehicles operate in close proximity of key hotspots, restaurants and malls.
  • The captive audience spends on average 30 minutes in the cab.
  • Effectively targets the upper LSM consumer.
For more information or to book a presentation, contact Tanya Van Tonder at Provantage: az.oc.egatnavorp@aynat or call 0861 776 826.

13 Jun 2011 13:54