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Marketing made memorable

Every brand has a story to tell. BrandVantage will get the story seen, heard and felt in a way that nothing else does.
Marketing made memorable
BrandVantage is a marketing platform like no other - it's a 360 degree implementation synergy between creative, media, production and activation. Harnessing the power of traditional media, out of home, online and cellular technology, BrandVantage offers a seamless solution customised to a brand's strategic needs.

The idea for BrandVantage came about from the expertise and experience of individuals at Brand Republic and Provantage, the two holding companies. The combined knowledge and know how was put into a single minded solution designed specifically to fit the needs of brand managers.

"We wanted to offer something that fully maximized budget yet created a powerful impact on the targeted consumer. By creating a TV platform that is credible, flexible and audience relevant and combining it with a variety of marketing elements produces a cost effective, objective specific campaign where the messaging is consistent and exponentially impactful," says Jacques du Preez, MD of Provantage.

The offering:
  • Conceptualising a fully integrated package according to client's objectives
  • Three 60 sec TV/radio BrandVantage Moments with 15 sec promos to drive the audience to the moment
  • High quality and creative production
  • Activations including retail, mall and youth as well as Roadshows
  • Multi media branding including taxi branding, vehicle branding, taxi TV, billboards and airport branding
  • Messaging and interactive brand community which includes SMS short code call to action, web and mobile platforms. Research included.
  • 5 minute post-campaign AV with detailed report on media and activation
The Benefits:
  • All elements from planning and design to flawless execution are handled by the BrandVantage team
  • Uncomplicated 360 campaign execution tailor made to create the best solution for budget and objectives
  • Innovative brand alignment
  • Interactive elements across various platforms
  • Complete, integrated creative and media synergy.

22 Mar 2011 12:44