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Provantage Media conduct their 6000th Shoppa Show

Provantage Media have recently conducted their 6000th Shoppa Show. After five years of offering this service to the industry, the out-of-home media specialists are proud to announce this milestone.
Provantage Media conduct their 6000th Shoppa Show
Provantage Media conduct their 6000th Shoppa Show
Provantage Media conduct their 6000th Shoppa Show
“The efficacy of the Shoppa Shows has been phenomenal and our uniquely developed format ensure that clients can get a very direct return on investment making their marketing investment work very hard for them, especially during the recent depressed economy,” says Charisse White, Product Manager Activation for Provantage Media.

A Shoppa Show is an effective platform to reach and engage mid LSM consumers and shoppers close to major retail outlets. These shows consist of a flatbed trailer fitted with state-of-the-art sound and PA system and a dancing platform for the performers. Client performances are script related and the main message is to drive sales in the nearby store.

Not only does this service directly increase sales but it also does an incredible job in securing much needed trade support. It also literally assists the retailer to move product off the shelf. Provantage Media have conducted Shoppa Shows for well over 55 of South Africa's top brands including Handy Andy, Kodak, Metropolitan Life, Kellogg's and Eskom, with great success.

Provantage Media have done shows at an estimated 625 different venues throughout South Africa, including some of the busiest and most prominent retailers, wholesalers and commuter nodes in the country. The Provantage Media Shoppa Show teams have also conducted shows in other southern African countries such as Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Provantage Media's Shoppa Shows are in high demand from all the major retail store managers on a national level. Not only does this service drive sales but also offers a brand experience second to none for consumers in their own language, their own community and at their place of purchase. “It is estimated that through the Shoppa Shows we've physically interacted with over two million consumers. The saying is true - a picture is worth a thousand words but an experience is worth a thousand pictures,” says White.

Provantage Media are currently re-engineering their Shoppa Show format and have found ways of making this service better and more exciting for both consumers and the trade, ensuring that they remain the service provider of choice when it comes to Shoppa Shows.

28 Apr 2010 12:38