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Perfect Fit for the market

Since its debut on the market Perfect Fit® Cat Food has made it a priority to inform and educate consumers on the benefits derived from feeding their furry friends Perfect Fit®, the super-premium cat food.
In order to ensure that Perfect Fit® reached its consumers, Provantage set about establishing a campaign that would educate, create awareness, increase sales and offer consumers a positive brand experience.

Provantage also believes that one of the key contributors to the campaign success lies in the quality of the Perfect Fit® product.

“A product of this nature, with all its scientific benefits would normally be exclusive to Vets. However, the market positioning of Perfect Fit® makes it accessible at normal retail stores and also allows convenience at competitive pricing,” said Tebogo Motsepe, Brand Manager.

“Since running the Perfect Fit® Campaign we have noticed an increase in sales in all stores and more importantly we have seen an overall increase in market share. The sampling campaign has also sparked positive awareness and consumers are really taking to the brand."

“The Perfect Fit® Campaign, that was run at various retail outlets, we had brand ambassadors that were on hand to describe all the positive attributes of Perfect Fit®. They emphasised the product diversity and showed off all four variants: Active Chicken, Active Fish, Junior and Senior 8+. A key feature that was highlighted was the development of Perfect Fit® carried out in close cooperation with Waltham, the world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Our brand ambassadors also emphasised the tailor-made nutritional value of Perfect Fit® because it contains a high level of quality animal protein and fewer carbohydrates,” added Vaughan Berry, Sales Director at Provantage.

With all of the positive elements associated with Perfect Fit® it is easy to see why consumers are turning to the product to ensure that their pets stay healthy and live a fuller, balanced life.

31 Aug 2009 14:31