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Activations - delivering on client expectations in tough economic times

Peter KohlÖffel - National Sales Manager - ProActive™, believes that delivering on client expectations hinges a great deal upon delivering on consumer needs.
Let’s face it: economically, times are tough. Yet we know that in tough economic times, it’s the brands that find the gaps in this market, those that continue to market and advertise themselves that come out on top. But how do we as marketers fit our offerings into tighter budgets while still delivering service that meets, if not exceeds, the highest standards?

Activations - delivering on client expectations in tough economic times
It’s a tricky one. We all know what you get if you pay peanuts. However, great marketing isn’t about cutting budget, it’s about doing amazing things within the confines of that budget. We live in exciting times and it’s not only client expectations that are evolving; consumer expectations are changing all the time. As such, the way we as marketers and agencies engage with consumers on behalf of a brand, means that we need to constantly be ahead of our game.

Today's consumers are empowered, smarter, better connected, and more informed. As such, we need to continuously exceed their expectations. We need to surprise, delight and be memorable, to ensure that the brand in question breaks through the clutter. We need to create a meaningful and profitable relationship with consumers on behalf of our clients. And herein lies the clue: profitable.

At the end of the day, when the activations have been implemented and consumers have been engaged with campaigns that are relevant and timeous, it’s about delivering effective ROI for a brand. It’s about driving consumers to buy into a service or putting a product into their shopping basket. This result is the only one that truly counts when we look back on the effectiveness of a campaign, and in trying economic times, becomes increasingly important. Retaining margins cannot be achieved through the cutting of the marketing budget.

The short-term result may reflect positively on the bottom line since the marketing budget reduction initially replaces the returns lost from sales. It should be argued however that marketing budgets and campaigns should be increased in order to keep the brand top of mind. When consumers once more have the disposable income required to purchase additional goods and services, it’s the brands that are top of mind which rise above the rest, and reclaim, or reinforce their market position.

Activations are about mutual value. It’s the connection between brand and consumer as well as brand and activations agency. It's the three-way relationship that simultaneously delivers relevant experiences to consumers, resulting in conversions and ultimately greater profitability to the brand. Offering effective returns to clients through the provision of targeted and relevant experiences within the allocated budgets is the key to successful client-agency relationships. This ensures the efficacy of the relationship, and is one of the drivers behind results that often exceed client expectations.

For more information on how ProActive™ can effectively engage consumers on behalf of your brand, call Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or go to or email him on az.oc.egatnavorp@kp or tweet @ProvantageSA.

17 May 2016 12:42


About the author

Peter KohlÖffel is National Sales Manager: ProActive at Provantage Media Group.