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Provantage amplifies OOH with Hollard bus shelters

The new Hollard bus shelter campaign is set to significantly change the out-of-home landscape in Johannesburg. Through the highly innovative use of old bus shelters, M&C Saatchi Abel created a concept that illustrates the type of living spaces that Hollard insurance can insure.
Candice Meyer of Provantage Out of Home Media says: "The two-dimensional visuals fit seamlessly within the three-dimensional shelters to recreate the interior of a kitchen, a lounge, a garage and an office. The installations have quite literally recreated an environment within a home or office to illustrate Hollard's short-term insurance solution."

The campaign is the first of its kind in South Africa and is set to change the way creatives and marketers perceive commuter shelters; as not just street furniture but a medium that can impactfully convey a brand message.

Furthermore, coupled to the fact that the campaign visuals are eye-catching and tell a story in a single frame, the bus shelters stand out from the others as their structure varies significantly from the new, more streamlined shelters.

"The concept is unique and it effectively demonstrates in the right environment that Hollard is 'your all purpose insurance'," continues Meyer.

The campaign lends itself to an extremely targeted approach with specific visuals applicated on specific bus shelters. Bus shelters allow for directional as well as geographical targeting and as such the team at Provantage Out of home Media selected locations to target a select consumer audience.

For more information on commuter shelter branding please call Candice Meyer on 0861 776 826 or go to, follow us @ProvantageSA.

21 Aug 2015 11:23