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Research confirms efficacy of TRANSIT.TV

The latest wave of TRANSIT.TV™ Research conducted by Millward Brown for Provantage Media Group shows once again that the digital channel - which airs in taxis, taxi ranks, train stations and bus terminals across South Africa - is a highly valuable tool for communicating with the LSM B market, aged 16 - 50+.
Research confirms efficacy of TRANSIT.TV
The research taken from a sample of respondents across the nationwide base of TRANSIT.TV™ viewers, reinforces a number of very interesting observations:
  • This platform offers advertising brands a specific and direct focus on the target market.
  • In general, noting and liking scores across consumer brands are trending above the TRANSIT.TV™ norm for larger brands and are on par with the norm for smaller, newer brands.
  • The above point indicates that smaller brands making use of the channel are able to gain good traction within this target audience.
  • With overall appeal of the channel sitting at an average of 83%, this medium is proving relevant and of interest to the 7 million+ audience it attracts.
  • Up to 44% of consumers are making a purchase directly due to an advertisement they have seen on TRANSIT.TV™
Research confirms efficacy of TRANSIT.TV

Recommendations coming out of the research:
  • Case studies indicate that higher frequency campaigns shown on the channel for a longer time period seem to contribute to increased brand awareness, especially when accompanied by a synergistic campaign. Increased awareness, along with good understanding based on a solid advertisement creative, and advertisement duration, all contribute towards consumers noting the brand.
  • Consumers are responsive to special offers and promotional messages therefore making use of the platform to drive product sales as well as brand awareness is key.
  • Branding is better for driving spontaneous awareness, while clarity of messages improves understanding and leads to brand affinity.
  • Advertisements with clear and straight forward messages are easily understood and are therefore well-liked.
  • Leveraging established brand associations improves brand awareness.
Skhumbuzo Nkosi, Director: Provantage Media Group says: "The insights that Millward Brown provide regarding the TRANSIT.TV™ platform are extremely valuable for brands wanting to engage with the LSMB market. Furthermore, Millward Brown have been partnering with Provantage Media Group for over ten years and thus have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the platform, its offering as well as its target audience."

"TRANSIT.TV™ provides brands the opportunity to showcase offerings to a targeted market. It is an impactful medium that captures audiences in a meaningful way," says Janine Tvrz from Millward Brown. "The key success to using Out of Home Media effectively is ensuring synergies are created with all media types in a campaign."

The focus of the digital channel has always been to offer consumers enjoyable, interesting content and to offer advertisers maximum ROI for the exposure they purchase; and the research, which is conducted three times a year, ensures that this continues.

"We are proud to see the marked progress that the channel has made over the years; and how well it is working for brands that make use of it. If you know who your consumer is, and you want to talk directly to them with either a brand proposition or a special offer, talk to us about putting you in their environment - so they'll put your product in their pocket," concludes Nkosi.

For more information on how to advertise on TRANSIT.TV™, contact Skhumbuzo Nkosi on 0861 776 826 or email him on az.oc.egatnavorp@ns. Go to or follow us on Twitter @ProvantageSA.

29 Jul 2015 13:39