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Proactive launches real-time data tool

In most instances, measurement and ROI (the holy grail of marketing campaigns) are looked at in retrospect. What is lacking in the activations space is a tool that provides real-time data for real-time insights that lead to real-time results. Reflecting on the success or failure of an activations campaign will be relegated to history once marketers make use of a new tool implemented by Proactive™.
Proactive launches real-time data tool
Proactive™'s Business Efficiency is a new tool on offer that will revolutionise the activations space! The tool provides marketers with the ability to measure and act upon their campaign in real time. The analytics-based tool allows for the quick and accurate analysis of an activations campaign - much like brands have become accustomed to real-time data, which revolutionised online marketing. This is invaluable in an environment where budgets are tailored for specific campaigns designed to maximise ROI.

Proactive launches real-time data tool
In its continuous drive to provide a superior service in the activations arena, Proactive™ is fusing technology and activations which will propel marketing into the future. The tool however is not only designed to provide for real-time data and results, it is also a powerful instrument for businesses to maximise their own internal processes.

Proactive™ National Sales Manager, Riaan Greyling, is extremely excited about its potential and its benefit to activations: "In order for business to be successful, the rules of time, cost and quality need to be adhered to. With the new, innovative analytics tool, constraints and issues can be identified in real time, thus allowing for the tweaking and the perfecting of elements in order to deliver a successful campaign. This will modernise the parameters of the time, cost, quality rule of thumb and quite literally take it right up to the next level."

The Business Efficiency tool will positively transform the way activations are implemented through its real-time analysis which means that decisions can be made with speed and accuracy. Hence, should external factors affect a project, elements can be tweaked and changed to ensure success. This not only ensures that objectives are met, but that a project is consistently aligned with brand needs and sales forecasts.

"Whatever you measure and monitor improves. If you apply that principal, you are bound to get phenomenal results. But measurement and monitoring needs to be done in the right way, in other words, to the benefit of client and service provider. This is what will set an activations campaign apart from the rest," continues Greyling.

The tool assists in assessing four vital components of a campaign, namely: shelf health, sales volume, market share and awareness. Each component can be analysed to allow for the evaluation of return on investment, profit share and other objectives. The tool also allows for competitor analysis, answering the vital question: where is my brand positioning in terms of market share?

Vaughan Berry, Director of Provantage Media Group, comments: "Proactive™ has aligned itself with global best practice and within the out-of-home environment tools such as the Business Efficiency platform gives us a gilded edge. It allows us to maintain excellence in everything we do."

For more information on how the Business Efficiency tool can positively affect your campaign, please contact Riaan Greyling on 0861 776 826 or az.oc.egatnavorp@naaiR or @ProvantageSA.

1 Apr 2015 10:56


This product is also used across different industries: Retail, Field Marketing, Promotions, Logistics & Freight, Mining, Surveillance, etc.Measures business process and delivers real-time reports. Valuable if you'd like to provide quality information to your customers.
Posted on 8 Apr 2015 13:11