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TRANSIT.TV's content a win for both commuters and advertisers

Fact: In South Africa 19.8 million people commute by taxi and by train; and Provantage Out of Home's TRANSIT.TV™ provides advertisers with the opportunity to communicate with this audience. The channel now has a captive audience of over seven million commuters. Why? TRANSIT.TV™ is a channel that adds value to the journey. The channel's content stream is entertaining, relevant, informative and has a uniquely South African feel, providing a win-win digital platform for both commuters and advertisers.
TRANSIT.TV's content a win for both commuters and advertisers
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"Audiences want to be entertained, they want humour and they want strong creative that has an impact. The content needs to make it worth their while to engage and this is exactly what TRANSIT.TV™ delivers. What are the benefits for advertisers? A canvas for them to advertise their brand, service or product to an audience whose attention is directed to what is being shown on screen," says Jacques du Preez, MD Provantage Media Group.

"When reworking the TRANSIT.TV™ channel offering, we kept in mind that TRANSIT.TV™ is not like a favourite channel at home - the audience sees the screens because they are in a taxi, at a taxi rank or at a train station. The aim was for the content to create an emotional connection with the audience in order to ensure the efficacy of advertising," continues du Preez.

With the new tagline, "We are the people of TRANSIT.TV™", the channel involves its audience - it highlights what's happening in and around Mzansi and reflects the colours, vibe and distinct flavours of the country.

The channel identity now features optimised holding devices for news, weather, sports and other information that commuters have come to rely on, seamlessly woven together by exclusive content segments. To deliver the latest news, TRANSIT.TV™ has strategically partnered with Reuters, Sowetan and Sunday World.

"The power and opportunity for out of home advertising is to constantly remind consumers of a brand message. With the growth of smartphone usage in the LSM B market, an array of opportunities exists for advertisers wanting to penetrate this highly sought-after, economically active market segment. Couple this with advertising on TRANSIT.TV™ and other OOH platforms and you have a winning formula," concludes du Preez.

For more information on how to advertise on TRANSIT.TV™ please go to or call 0861 776 826. Follow us on twitter: @ProvantageSA.

27 Aug 2014 13:28