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Evaluate. Consolidate. Integrate - 2018 IMC Conference announced

Every day your team delays using innovative new marketing solutions, you're losing competitive edge. If that makes you panic a little, great. It's time to get your team on its toes and prepare to embrace and integrate the plethora of ever-evolving options and channels available to marketers.
The 2018 Integrated Marketing Communications Conference (IMC) to be held at Vodaworld in Midrand on 8 February is an opportunity to focus on taking stock, consolidating and true integration. Heated debates, networking platforms and learning content will all be packed into one exhilarating day as big brands, top agencies and media owners come together to examine how the local and continental marketing industry is embracing new and exciting trends in the emerging market space.

The 2017 Cape Town sell-out conference brought together the industry’s most influential leaders, trendsetters and disruptors to tackle the latest opportunities in marketing and media – IMC 2018 takes it a step further. Even more content will be available as 27 of the industry’s top minds present across three stages, tackling nine topical themes in interactive sessions before the 350 delegates. Themes including Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing technologies, e-commerce and digital disruption showcase evolving tools, while sessions on customer experience and consumer insights explore the world of the customer. Inbound marketing and influencer marketing examine the trends behind the buzzwords. A core theme also deals with the creative process, zoning in on generating the big idea.

“We’ve carefully selected the hot topics to provide powerful and relevant insight for busy marketers,” says award-winning marketer and IMC spokesperson Dale Hefer, who will be hosting IMC 2018, having first presented at the event in 2010. “The conference will help marketers really take stock of channels to market, understand and apply the power of integration and future-proof their marketing plans. The danger of being a specialist in a particular area, means you can start working in a silo. Marketers at all levels need a realistic picture of the evolving options across the board to integrate. The best way to do this, is to get quick, deep insights from those who know best.”

IMC 2018 features insights from both agencies and clients, including BBDO South Africa CEO Boniswa Pezisa; Everlytic Managing Director Walter Penfold and Clockwork Media Managing Director Tom Manners on agency side. Katherine Madely from Alexander Forbes will weigh in on client side. The conference attracts a number of international delegates, adding perspectives from different markets.

“It’s up to us as marketers to harness the powerful array of choices that modern technology offers to tell integrated brand stories,” says Hefer. “At the same time, I believe people are inclined to panic and go off on a tangent chasing the hot new thing. It’s definitely time to evaluate and consolidate. For example, come and learn about Artificial Intelligence, evaluate the relevance, and see if it needs to be integrated into your marketing toolbox.”

The IMC Conference remains the leading destination for marketing and media decision makers and influencers who want to stay ahead of the pack. For more information about IMC 2018, visit the website and get your Phase 3 tickets before the 31 October deadline, when Phase 4 pricing kicks in. E-mail, mobile and social marketing specialists Everlytic have come on board as a Gold Sponsor and other sponsorship opportunities are being snapped up. For more on these opportunities - click here.

A taste of the topics:

Walter Penfold, Everlytic - The email and SMS marketing juggernaut
Social Media, Mobile Advertising, Instant Messaging, and other new tech failed to bring down the traditional channels of email and SMS. Why are these channels still growing like wildfire and what is their place in the new online order? We explore these old-school channels and predict how they will morph over the coming years.

Katherine Madely, Alexander Forbes – Artificial Intelligence: will it grow my brand and market share?
In the ever-changing world of marketing, new shiny things keep popping up as the next best thing. But what are the real winners doing? What’s attracting the audience? The platform or the message? Katherine explains that marketing requires an offensive and a defensive strategy to grow and protect a brand with certain tools and philosophies. Come and find out what really grows your brand and market share.

Dan Matthews, Episerver - Cathedral of Mammon
So, you're about to invest in e-Commerce, either for the first time or to take your existing online experience further. Here's the dirty secret that most technologists won't tell you... you're probably investing in all the wrong things for the wrong reasons. In this talk we'll look at what the Cathedral of Mammon is, what they get right, what most technologists are doing wrong, and what the real reasons are you should be investing in e-Commerce.

Stéphane Rogovsky, R2 Digital - The REAL secrets of effective Influencer Marketing campaigns

With statistics like $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of Influencer Marketing paid media (Burst Media, 2017), Influencer Marketing is dominating the social media landscape.

Adweek research states that “94% of those who’ve used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective”. In order to retain the awareness and your buyers past the initial burst of posts, it’s vital to understand that Influencer Marketing is a relationship, not a business transaction. This requires a strategic influencer marketing approach.

Valter Adão, Deloitte – The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Valter’s keynote presentation will address the driving forces behind disruptions, and why, by no coincidence, we are all of sudden experiencing a proliferation of disruptive technologies and start-ups. He will dive into the essence of digital disruptors and why it is important to pay attention to the impact they are having on existing businesses. He explains that digital disruptors go beyond smart phones and apps. True disruptors in the digital era include technologies such as 3D printing, IoT, artificial intelligence, wearables, robotics, sensors and many more.

6 Nov 2017 12:07