Swiss International Air Lines takes FNB 2016 Business Innovation Award winner to the USA

The 2016 FNB Business Innovation Award Winner, Bevan Ducasse, founder and CEO of wiGroup, has stated that he is very excited to take the planned trip to Boston this year. wiGroup was named the winner of the FNB Innovation Awards, and was awarded the prize of a trip to attend the Endeavor International Selection Panel courtesy of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS).
Swiss International Air Lines takes FNB 2016 Business Innovation Award winner to the USA
“Access to a global platform of leading business luminaries and a peer group of highly ambitious founders at the Endeavor ISP is something I am thrilled about.” said Ducasse.

In addition to the Endeavor International Selection Panel meeting, Ducasse has also stated that he is looking forward to experiencing the services of SWISS.

“SWISS’s approach to constantly reviewing their products and services in order to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations is innovation that wiGroup is inspired by. This is one of the single most important processes that all businesses should be following – always innovating not only to remain relevant, but to provide better services,” says Ducasse.

Danica Helfrich, Head of SWISS South Africa extended her warmest congratulations to wiGroup, and states that they look forward to hosting wiGroup to and from Boston in September.

“Much like wiGroup, and the other finalists presenting at the Endeavor International Selection Panel, innovation lies at the heart of our business. It is part of SWISS’s ongoing business strategy to constantly look at our business in new and innovative ways, to ensure that our service keeps pace with the demands of our guests, and to anticipate trends before they appear,” concludes Helfrich.

23 Jun 2016 12:20