Groundbreaking Intellectual Property Law text introduced by Spoor & Fisher

Intellectual property (IP) experts Spoor & Fisher and the Anton Mostert Chair of Intellectual Property at Stellenbosch University unveiled the highly anticipated new IP text book, Dean & Dyer: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law, at an exclusive function held at PrivaLounge, in Pretoria.
Groundbreaking Intellectual Property Law text introduced by Spoor & Fisher
"This new text presents a substantial and applied entry-level treatise in intellectual property law, providing an essential grounding in the legislation and its fundamental principles," says Lodewyk Cilliers, partner at Spoor & Fisher."It further provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the full, broad spectrum of intellectual property law in South Africa, including intellectual property in the digital environment.

"This text book is the first of its kind on IP and brings the value of practical expertise together with an enquiring, analytical and critical approach, resulting in a dynamic and indispensable reference for students who are studying intellectual property law as a module of their LLB degree, or at a postgraduate level. It is also a useful resource for legal practitioners and others encountering the practical application of intellectual property who may wish to engage with the foundational and current principles of the field."

Dean & Dyer: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law offers a clear and comprehensive overview on the fields of copyright; trademarks; unlawful competition; counterfeit goods; patents; plant breeders' rights; designs; traditional knowledge, cultural expressions and folklore; commercial considerations for transactions involving intellectual property; intellectual property law in the digital environment; and intellectual property rights and the constitution.

"What sets this book apart is that it moves beyond a summary of information and offers a structure to support learning and develop independent, critical and reflective engagement with the subject matter," says Cilliers. "PowerPoint slides and a question-and-answer bank are provided as additional academic resources for lecturers, to aid teaching and encourage learning."

Groundbreaking Intellectual Property Law text introduced by Spoor & Fisher
The book is therefore not only indispensible subject matter for IP law students and practitioners, but also for those tasked with protecting the intellectual property created within their businesses. The publication will be of benefit to all who want to move beyond simply memorising existing legislation, but require a deep understanding of it.

The launch event was attended byover 60 guests, including thebook's authors, law professionals, media and Spoor & Fisher clients, and the overall response from guests was that the text is a groundbreaking new IP law reference that will provide invaluable insight, stimulate debate on the topic and assist in the further development of the IP law field in South Africa.

Groundbreaking Intellectual Property Law text introduced by Spoor & Fisher
The contributing authors, all with vast knowledge and experience in the industry, include Alison Dyer (Editor) BSc (Hons) Chem, LLB (cum laude) (University of Natal); Cobus Jooste BA (Law) LLB (Stellenbosch); Dr Owen Dean (Editor) BA (Law), LLB and LLD (Stellenbosch; Eben Van Wyk (Unlawful Competition) BProc (Potchefstroom); Marco van der Merwe BLC LLB (University of Pretoria); Sadulla Karjiker BSc LLB (UCT) LLM (London) LLD (Stell); Lodewyk Cilliers B.Eng (Mechnical), Pr.Eng., LLB; Herman Blignaut LLB (Pretoria); Dina Biagio BSc (Physics) BSc Eng. (Elec.) LLB; John Foster (Unlawful Competition) BComm (Law), LLB (Stellenbosch); Tyron Grant BSc (Human Genetics) (Pretoria), BSc Honours (Genetics) (cum laude) (Pretoria), MSc Genetics (cum laude) (Pretoria), LLB (UNISA); Tshepo Shabangu BProc LLB, LLM (magna cum laude) (University of Bonn, Germany); Mohamed Khader BProc, LLB (University of Natal); Megan Reimers BLC LLB; David Cochrane BSc Chem (Witwatersrand), LLB (Witwatersrand); Mikhalien du Bois LLB, LLD (Stellenbosch) and Tertia Beharie BSc (Pure and Applied Chemistry) (KwaZulu-Natal), BSc (Hons) (Chemistry) (KwaZulu-Natal), LLB (UNISA).

The book will be available in South Africa at the following stores: Van Schaik Wits - Johannesburg; Van Schaik Braamfontein - Johannesburg; Discount Textbooks - Johannesburg; Van Schaik Grahamstown; Rehab Books - Port Elizabeth; Hargraves - Cape Town; Red Pepper - Johannesburg; Sherwood Books - Durban; Sky Information Suppliers - Johannesburg; Vuga Books - Durban; Adams Bookshops - Durban and Cape Town and Rainbow Bookshop - Durban.

The launch of the book also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Webster and Page: South Africa Law of Trade Marks, currently in its 4th edition.

20 Nov 2014 13:56