LG G2 favourable review globally

LG G2 praised by critics across the globe
LG G2 favourable review globally
Are you always satisfied with your phone? A notorious customer complaint is that there's always some feature missing that is available on another brand or model. When it comes to the LG G2, users need not look any further.

The world's biggest-selling gadget magazine, Stuff Magazine, recently awarded the LG G2 not only a full five stars, but gave it the number one spot on its smartphones Top Ten, officially proclaiming the G2 as the "most magnificent phone on the face of planet Earth". LG South Africa proclaims that the LG G2 is the "perfect companion" for any consumer who believes it is possible to mix business and pleasure with one all-inclusive smart phone.

Deon Prinsloo, General Manager for LG Mobile, said, "For many years, South African and global markets have been waiting for a mobile phone that suits their personal and business needs. LG Mobile SA is extremely excited about bringing our premium G2 smartphone to South Africa and we have no doubt it will receive the same positive reviews locally as it did in international markets."

Thomas van de Linde, LG General Marketing Manager, says the definition of innovation today is technology that truly resonates with consumers and innovation that makes you smile. What makes the G2 unique in the market is that LG has always listened and learned from their customers in pursuit of innovation. "We took learnings from that research to new heights in developing the LG G2," concludes Van de Linde.

LG South Africa will be rolling out the official South African Launch end of October 2013.

24 Oct 2013 10:03