A gentleman's game...

At Blue Moon, we love good manners. We also loved producing the annual Cricket SA Awards recently (our fourth in succession), in recognition of all cricketers in South Africa.
A gentleman's game...
A gentleman's game...
A gentleman's game...
From the amateur awards breakfast to the live broadcast of the professional awards evening ceremony, the people at Cricket SA bowled us over.

The event also got us thinking about manners in general, because in cricket, beyond the technical rules, players are expected to play "in the right spirit". Sledging and match-fixing aside, it's still called "a gentleman's game".

We looked up "gentleman", just to be sure, and apart from the archaic stuff about good breeding and social position, a gentleman is defined as someone who is courteous, honourable and polite.

We're often quick to forget these admirable qualities, so here's how to avoid "a sticky wicket" (awkward personal situation) when attending formal events:

#1: RSVP

Event organisers want their guests to have the best possible innings, from beginning to end. Help them to handle the often-complicated logistics elegantly by letting them know, in good time, whether you'll be there or not.

#2: Arrive on time

The American journalist Franklin P Jones once quipped: "The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it." Even so, lonely or not, punctuality's the only way to go.

#3: Silence that phone

Don't get caught out! This is a one-size-fits-all caveat... and if everyone observed it, our world would surely be a less distracting place.

#4: Listen up

Be a good sport during the speeches... the hosts deserve nothing less.

#5: Dress well

Remember to check - and observe - the dress code. Usually, wearing jeans is "just not cricket".

We love creating truly memorable brand experiences.
Let us help you to "knock your opponents for a six" next time you host an event.

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