My addiction series

Today I thought I would write about one of my oldest addictions: one that has been lurking around for the past 13 years. It started when I did some freelance work for an events company as a baby in the industry and has somehow stuck...
My addiction series
Hello. My name is Wendy and I am addicted to the high of producing an event.

It begins with the brief and then the momentum picks up and before I know it I am soaring high on the deadlines, which loom ahead. For those who are not familiar, these are most commonly crazy deadlines with unrealistic expectations. Just last month a client changed the venue we had booked and approved and I needed to miraculously find a replacement for the event happening three days later. Last year we had a CEO miss his flight so within an hour we needed to find a helicopter to get him to his event - in a game park in the middle of nowhere. All in a day's work, I say. The catch-22 of solving these (shall we call them challenges?), is that the clients' expectations rise each time.

After the briefing session with boss lady who has won the pitch (does she ever sleep?) my heart is throbbing with excitement with images of how things could turn out. I want to shout to the world, "This is going to be the best corporate roadshow ever!" I make copious amounts of notes, both mental and in my little purple book.

Next comes the fear.
Shit, can I do this?
How will I make that happen?
Those creative were mad.
How did they think this idea was possible?
Is there no other producer that can take on this project?
Sleepless nights and frowns on my brow.
Anxiety levels rising slight.

Then comes the productive part. I do, do, do. Get through lists at the speed of light and manage to do more in one day than I can usually get done in a week. All with a smile on my face and a flutter in my heart. Corny, I know, but that's the part I love the most. You see, from when I was a little girl, I have been 'the organiser'.

Excitement is growing. Possibilities are endless. I have creative solutions to almost any problem. I am brilliant. I am happy. I can do this.

The event day comes, like any other, and goes just as fast. I have spent months preparing and planning for this one single launch. The guests arrive, the theatre bell rings and the curtain opens. It's lights, sound, action. And before I know it, it's happened, finito, gone in a flash. The guests are happy, the client is smiling. I feel proud, like I have achieved something. Conquered my fears.

When I get home that night (actually it's early hours of the morning) I have more energy than I know what to do with; I can never fall asleep as I come down from my adrenaline high. I listen to music, empty the fridge and catch up on Facebook. Or better still, WhatsApp the family in USA who are awake, until I fall into a blissful and proud snooze.

I do need to admit that after my high, I have what my family refers to as my 'events blues' for a few days. I guess it's because it's all over and I somehow wish it was not. But the blues last as long as it takes my energizer MD to brief me on the next adventure.

And let the games begin... again.

10 Jun 2014 13:06


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