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Wits Language School's EFL course - Learning English in South Africa

English not your first language? The English as a Foreign Language (EFL) course, brought to you by Wits Language School (WLS), is guaranteed to build your competence and confidence when using English to communicate in all aspects of the academic and business worlds. Register now and start improving your English skills!
Wits Language School's EFL course - Learning English in South Africa
With success in the academic and business worlds, being largely dependent on your degree of proficiency in English, both internationally and in South Africa, this course helps learners to improve their passive and active knowledge in all areas of English and in all aspects of their lives. The WLS course in EFL focusses on developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to the level of proficiency required for further academic studies, or entry into the business environment.

This seven-week course runs from 2 July – 21 August and does not have a minimum admission requirement, other than literacy in your own language, and all learners ranging in proficiency from absolute beginners to those who are fairly proficient are encouraged to enrol. If you feel like your English will not meet the requirements of tertiary study or the workplace, or if you simply want to be able to socialise with confidence in English speaking environments, this is the course for you!

Course outcomes include:
  • Improve the accuracy of your grammar and pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading
    and writing, across a range of different contexts
  • Improve aspects of English grammar, such as the correct use of tenses, pronouns and prepositions
  • Improve reading skills - comprehension of written texts; reviews of books, newspaper and magazine articles
  • Improve writing skills - emails, formal and informal letters, essays, etc
  • Improve listening skills - comprehension exercises based on audio material from CDs and DVDs
  • Improve speaking skills - pair and group interaction; presentations
  • Improve the use of English across a range of different social contexts, such as classrooms, tutorials, business meetings and informal
The EFL course provides the opportunity to experience multicultural student communities, exceptional academic facilities and a range of social activities and clubs, and WLS offers excellent support for all learners, having successfully taught students from all over the world to speak, read and write English. For more information, go to

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