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New CEO appointed to map out AfriGIS growth path

The board of directors of AfriGIS have announced the appointment of Hein Badenhorst who assumes the position of chief executive officer of South Africa's geospatial information science leader. Badenhorst will assume this position effective 1 October 2020.
Hein Badenhorst
Hein Badenhorst

Badenhorst served as Data and AI Technical Leader at IBM South Africa. To AfriGIS he brings over 26 years of refined experience in implementing technology strategies. He is known for his outstanding business acumen and stakeholder management skills across the banking, consulting and technology industries over the span of his career, often in complex technical environments.

AfriGIS Board Chairperson Thabo Seopa says: “We went through a competitive selection process and sifted through a formidable field of candidates. We are confident that Badenhorst’s broad experience at the head of digital disruption strategies, utilising advance data analytics and machine learning interfaces, will stand the business in good stead.”

“We have full confidence in his calibre, experience and ability to lead the AfriGIS group of geospatial information scientists whose mission it is to answer just about any ‘where’ question,” says Seopa.

The board expresses its deepest gratitude towards COO and co-founder, Charl Fouché, who has led the organisation as acting CEO for the past year, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic’s challenging landscape.

“Fouché’s stewardship during his tenure has been characterised by innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and improved financial stability. He was instrumental in building long-standing employee, partner, and client relationships. He established a firm foundation for the incoming CEO to continue mapping out the dots of our vision aimed at unlocking location-based solutions for those unique and real challenges that the world is facing today,” says Seopa.

Commenting on his appointment, Badenhorst said: “I am thrilled to lead this competent team in helping them find science-based answers that will transform societies, the lives of people and the way we do business.”

“After many schooled years in challenging technical environments, I embrace the value I can add as leader of this organisation. As a team player and curious leader myself, I get excited by tenacity – a trait which the team is known for. I look forward to integrate into this outstanding team and to provide further inspiration for applying data-driven geospatial solutions and answer society’s ‘where’ questions,” he says.

21 Sep 2020 13:49