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AfriGIS assists financial institutions to save time

AfriGIS assists financial institutions to save time with AfriGIS Enterprise Reverse Geocoding for fixed and moveable assets.

Submit a single or multiple coordinates in BULK and get immediate answers:
  • Address and Ownership
  • Travel time estimation to nearest schools
  • Details on Movement Index - How people generally move from and to this area
  • Extreme Weather patterns, Lightning & Hail risk for the area
  • Flood risk for the area
  • Property valuation for the area
  • Crime Stats
  • Traffic Patterns - Busy Intersections
  • Proximity to Industrial Areas and Informal Settlements
  • Camera Coverage for the area (Vumacam)
  • Geological Information (Dolomite, Clay)
  • Population Demographics
  • Geofence Asset movement - Is my asset stolen?
  • Driver behaviour - Speed, Speeding context, Extreme braking, Cornering
  • Cellular and Fibre Communications for the area
  • Seamlessly link with IoT information received from the device to generate relevant actions, e.g. alarms
“The answers you get depend upon the questions you ask.” ~ Thomas Kuhn

13 Aug 2019 16:21