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Africa's Leaders in HR Series - Learning and development

"Africa's Top Employers strive to improve the lives of others, beyond just their own walls." Billy Elliott, Country Manager Africa, Top Employers Institute.
Africa's Leaders in HR Series - Learning and development

Striving to improve the conditions of employees worldwide, the Top Employers Institute have launched their first eBook titled “Africa’s Leaders in HR”. The eBook is a compilation of success stories and HR Best Practice taken from Africa’s Top Employers themselves. The select organisations featured in the eBook have all been certified externally by the Top Employers Institute as they have proven excellence in employee conditions.

This article features the fourth chapter of the eBook: Learning & Development by Tata Consultancy Services. You can download the full eBook here.

Learning and development
By: Nikhil Dabhole, Head of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, TCS

Africa's Leaders in HR Series - Learning and development
The five A's of learning: Anyone to learn anytime anywhere using any content delivered on any device

Tata Consultancy Services’ willingness to learn and ability to embrace new knowledge continuously has helped the organisation become one of the top three global brands in IT services.

The dynamics of current times is the swiftness with which employees learn and apply their knowledge to enable them to give the best experience for our customers. We as an organisation focus on imparting the best training because our most valued assets are our people. This helps them to be ahead of the curve. The right environment is provided to the employees through various digital platforms to learn and grow.

At TCS, The Talent Development team is responsible for designing and delivering learning programs to enhance the human capital of the organisation, working in close association with business units in the company to monitor the trends, design competency development programs and execute them. Enabling certainty for learners, creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation and benchmarking have been key to building a learning organisation.

Digital infrastructure to make training more effective

The organisation has invested in state-of-the-art technologies to cater to varying learning needs of the employees – including physical classrooms and labs for hands on practice as well as virtual labs. TCS also makes use of video, inhouse social collaborative learning, digital simulations and gamified assessments.

TCS has been at the leading edge of the digital revolution and has invested in digital learning and mobile platforms to create hyper talented, multi-skilled and digital ready teams that deliver projects and business outcomes with agility.

TCS' learning investments include:
  • 598,996 digital competencies
  • 610,099 Learning days for digital in FY17
  • 141,290 unique associates trained in digital in FY17
  • 50,000+ digital positions filled internally in FY17

10 Sep 2018 13:19