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Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 2

"Africa's Top Employers strive to improve the lives of others, beyond just their own walls."
Billy Elliott, Country Manager Africa, Top Employers Institute
Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 2

Striving to improve the conditions of employees worldwide, the Top Employers Institute have launched their first e-book titled “Africa’s Leaders in HR”. The e-book is a compilation of success stories and HR Best Practice taken from Africa’s Top Employers themselves. The select organisations featured in the e-book have all been certified externally by the Top Employers Institute as they have proven excellence in employee conditions.

This article features the third chapter of the e-book: On-Boarding by Vodacom. You can download the full e-book here.

By: Matimba Mbungela, Chief Human Resources Officer, Vodacom

Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 2

Engaging and retaining the best-in-class millennial talent

Vodacom is a significant employer of young people. As with any other talent, we focus on engaging and retaining the best-in-class talent. All this starts with successful onboarding and the one-of-a-kind Vodacom Discover Graduate programme contributes to this success.

Creating youth career opportunities

In 2014, Vodacom launched the Discover Graduate Programme, a globally aligned initiative aimed at attracting and engaging young talent. To date, over 300 young people have been brought into the business and these young millennials are thriving in an environment that allows them to develop personally and career-wise.

Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 2

Dedicated orientation programme

By virtue of being graduates, our candidates are first-time workers and come in with no experience of working in an organisation. To integrate our young talent into the business, the graduates are taken through a rigorous six-week customised onboarding journey that is a balance between personal and career development, and exposure to the business and organisational culture.

The onboarding process starts with a personalised welcome note and meeting with their direct Line Manager. This is to ensure we establish rapport early enough between the candidate and their teams, and get them set up and engaged faster. This is followed by a three-week orientation camp that introduces the business strategy, our mission and purpose, the brand as well the experience of working at Vodacom. It is at this early stage that core company values are entrenched and taught in practice. One of these values is customer obsession which is learnt through a practical rotation programme at our retail stores.

Belonging and shaping the future

At Vodacom we embrace diversity in all its forms. Our graduates are encouraged to practice this and be open to different perspectives and views. Through syndicated groups, they get to interact and experience views and cultures different from theirs and come together to solve a challenge in the form of a portfolio submission.

Establishing long-term engagement networks

As part of the orientation, our emerging talent is exposed to our company mission - that is to connect everybody today to live a better tomorrow. Throughout the two-year programme, they are assigned to a course where together with the Vodacom Foundation, are given a platform to become the change they want to see in the world.

Using social media as an engagement tool

As part of a global community, our graduates are encouraged to connect with their peers across the Vodafone group using the platforms they are most familiar with. The Discover Graduate Instagram page is a growing community of graduates and students who connect with each other and also engage with prospective young millennials looking to join Vodafone. Furthermore, network groups exist for collaboration and information sharing using our enterprise networking tools and social meet-up sessions.

Leverage digital nativity

In recognition of the fact that many millennials are ‘born digital’ and have an instinctive familiarity with communications technology - we are tapping into this familiarity to drive a digital culture in the business through our Digital Ninja programme.

The digitisation of the workplace opens up a new world that is reshaping careers and the world of work. This Digital Ninja programme rallies tech-savvy people, predominantly millennials, but also includes other generations, to help drive a digital culture in the business. Through this programme, the digital ninjas are given the responsibility to mobilise their peers and colleagues to embrace digitisation and be ready to shape the future.

The Discover Graduate programme has developed over four years and continues to build a solid talent pipeline and feed into the business. Through successful onboarding and continuous engagement, we strive to reaffirm millennials’ decision to join Vodacom as a company where they can shape their careers.

13 Aug 2018 14:25