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Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 1

"Africa's Top Employers strive to improve the lives of others, beyond just their own walls."
Billy Elliott, Country Manager Africa, Top Employers Institute
Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 1

Striving to improve the conditions of employees worldwide, the Top Employers Institute have launched their first e-book, titled “Africa’s Leaders in HR”. The e-book is a compilation of success stories and HR Best Practice taken from Africa’s Top Employers themselves. The select organisations featured in the e-book have all been certified externally by the Top Employers Institute as they have proven excellence in employee conditions.

This article features the third chapter of the e-book: On-Boarding by Accenture. You can download the full e-book here.

By: Accenture

Ready, Set, Accenture!
Creating human connections in a digital world

Our supportive, human-centred, year-long onboarding programme is all about thinking global and acting local. Aligned with the global New Joiner Orientation (NJO) agenda, the locally relevant programme incorporates some of the best strategies for fast-tracking new joiners’ journeys to meaningful, fulfilling, productive work.

And it all starts before they walk through the front door.

Prior to their first day, new joiners experience Countdown to Accenture – our pre-onboarding programme, which focuses on building excitement, comfort and context. To do this, we employ gamification techniques, for example, with our innovative Sky Journey app. With 25 levels of increasingly difficult gameplay, the app challenges new joiners to operate a futuristic airport using real Accenture strategy as well as digital, technology and operations offerings. It’s all about improving systems and sustainability, satisfying customers, and having fun! Millennials represent a large proportion of new joiners, so finding the best way to connect and generate interest is key.

The next phase is all about building momentum and getting ready for impact - introducing new joiners to the magnitude of the difference they can make as part of the Accenture family.

Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 1

Our formal welcome is a two-day orientation programme, focused on exploring the Accenture Way – valuing inclusion and diversity, collaboration and working with purpose. During the welcome, we ensure our new joiners have access to leadership, who facilitate business overview sessions and explore our culture and core values.

But that’s not the end – not by a long shot. A critical element of Accenture’s ethos is what we call truly human – being able to be your whole self, so that you can be your best, professionally and personally. The first-year framework supports this ethos and is tailored to a year-long online learning programme. In the mix is everything from new-joiner webcasts, bringing communities of people together, to tips for career success from Accenture leadership.

There is also our ‘buddy’ system, under which new joiners receive the support of a peer advisor in addition to coaches and supervisors or managers. There’s also the seven-week personal integration programme, covering everything from simple logistics such as workstation and telephone setup, to stationery requests and scheduling meetings.

We also help our new joiners familiarise themselves with Performance Achievement – our approach to performance management that includes real-time, forward-looking conversations about setting priorities, growing strengths and creating rewarding career opportunities for our people – as well as the Gallup Strengths Finder tool, so those new to the workplace see how to best leverage their unique capabilities in a team setting.

Africa's Leaders in HR Series: Onboarding - Part 1

On our internal ‘portal’, the ever-changing articles, blogs, series and memos mean access to insights on how to be more successful, productive and confident at Accenture. Series such as "Year One Stories" is an example of a fun, interactive stories that reinforce Accenture’s success strategies.

Our people take advantage to share ideas and advice on our blog, take a look.

The primary goal of this blog is to share ideas on how to better get to know and navigate Accenture. It is written with new joiners in mind, but my hope is that some tips may benefit our “old timers” as well. Accenture is constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn!

Beyond this, there are the 10 tips on making a success of your first year at Accenture. A few years ago, an Accenture analyst set out to discover what steps he could take to be successful. He interviewed over fifty of Accenture’s top employees, at all levels of the company, and asked them, “How can I succeed in such a large company, full of so many talented people?” The answers are ready and waiting for new joiners to explore on the portal.

Nelisa Doda, HR Lead at Accenture South Africa, emphasises that for new joiners, it’s all about the start of an exciting new journey and the opportunity to learn, grow, excel and make a difference. At Accenture, we take pride in creating an environment that enables our new joiners to thrive.

Innovating, collaborating and delivering value, all with a human-centred view – welcome to Accenture Year One.

9 Jul 2018 14:15