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Mobitainment wins international Mobile Merit Award

Transcending the boundaries between traditional marketing and advertising channels in ways that still resonate with the synergy of a campaign, translates into successful reach while solidifying a brand's reputation. Mobitainment did this for Excella and won a Mobile Merit Award for Cross-Media Integration in the Mobile Marketing category while placing as a finalist in the Mobile Marketing Association's Smarties awards.
"Mobitainment is one of the most consistently internationally awarded mobile marketers in South Africa," says Candice Goodman, MD of Mobitainment. "It is a great achievement to be recognised as a company that is shaping the way the world communicates. We're excited to hear what happens at the Smarties awards in New York on 25 September!"


Mobitainment was tasked to create an engaging promotion for Excella - a popular South African cooking oil brand. With a campaign driven by creative that connected with the different target segments in their own languages, Excella was able to build a permission-based database for future outbound communications. With over 154,000 entries in two months, Mobitainment proves that it is true, relevant accessibility that drives a promotion's success. The competition leveraged mechanics for the emerging markets and lower LSMs with a FREE call to action across above the line communications, and a low-cost profiling entry mechanism. This way, the consumers who connect with the brand can take part in the promotion in an affordable way and without the need for a smart phone.

Wilmar Continental Oils

The Excella Marketing team at Wilmar Continental Oils confirmed that this was a very successful advertising campaign. "Based on how cost effective mobile is, this is a great, formidable tool in a brand's communications now!" Now it's a case of continuing the conversation with their permission based database.

With a brand ethos fed by the belief that delectable food starts with perfect ingredients - and now a great new way to communicate with their core consumer - Excella is on track to benefit from considerable growth. Now that's Excella'nt!

For an awards programme that is in its ninth year (MMA's Smarties Awards) and Mobitainment being the first African marketing company to have won six years ago and continued the winning streak since then, the writing's on the wall as to who your preferred partner should be when it comes to getting marketing results within mobile communications - a truly powerful arena. Talk to us about translating technology into marketing results!

For more info on Mobitainment, visit our Press Office and follow Candice Goodman and Mobitainment on twitter @candicegoodman or @MobitainmentSA.

12 Sep 2013 10:31