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Sustainable exhibitions and events: Introducing the ECO MOD product range

The newly released ECO MOD board is a truly recyclable display solution for the events and exhibitions industry.
We recently attended the 2019 Africa Association Congress in Pretoria, where an exciting line-up of topics was unfolded over a two days congress. Firstly, we must commend the organisers for such a thought-out session and excellent choice of speakers. Our team had the best time learning and exchanging ideas with other delegates. The undeniably stimulating sessions and discussions set the tone for the direction in which the industry is currently gravitating towards, which was key for us and other industry players. We took home several pointers that we couldn't wait to implement.

One of the sessions that certainly stood out for us as a leading event and exhibition organiser was on a topic, "Beyond Events: An introduction to Sustainability within the Industry", very fitting for an organisation that is constantly looking at ways in which we can better our product offering and stay relevant within the industry.

This enlightening session was led by Lisa Jade Kirkham, Head of Gingerbiscuit, as she took the delegates through a crash-course on why it is important for the event world to incorporate sustainability into the far-reaching tool of the events industry and what it means to host gatherings which go beyond the event itself.

You might be wondering how you can translate sustainability in the exhibition and event world? Event sustainability can simply be explained as "event greening" - that is finding means of organising events that have a lesser carbon impact on the environment and communities where they are hosted.

Just in line with this shift that is currently taking place in the exhibition, and event world - on Friday, 30 August 2019, GL events officially launched the ECO MOD product range as a new environmentally friendly, modular exhibition system. The ECO MOD board is manufactured from recycled cardboard and sugar cane waste and is also locally produced.

The ECO MOD product range is a unique, versatile solution for events, exhibitions and retail branding. The product is ecological, economical and modular in nature and offers multiple benefits in terms of installation and it is reusable.

Key characteristics:
  • Sustainable
  • Made from recycled material and is recyclable
  • Locally manufactured product
  • Reusable and rebrandable elements
  • Superior weight to strength ratio
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Flat-packable and modular configuration
  • Quick, clean installation, no mess, no tools and no noise
Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using the ECO MOD:
  • Unique designs or package options
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Graphics printed directly onto the board - no vinyl application required
  • Pre-built stands
  • Shorter build-up and breakdown time
  • Flat-packed into crates for transport and storage
Since the product launch, we have been receiving some awesome reviews about this product range and we are very excited to be able to provide a system that not only meets our customer's needs but also help decrease the carbon footprint in the country at large.

For more information about the ECO MOD modular exhibition system you can email us on moc.stneve-lg@az.ofni.

Sustainable exhibitions and events: Introducing the ECO MOD product rangeSustainable exhibitions and events: Introducing the ECO MOD product range

27 Sep 2019 12:06