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For the love of radio

As Covid-19 pushes us further into our homes and away from each other, radio emerges the great connector. Jacaranda FM celebrates World Radio Day with an ode to 110 years of radio.

Radio connects
Radio is trusted
Radio is mobile
Radio is current
Radio innovates
Radio is resilient
Radio is engaged
Radio is personal
Radio is accessible
Radio never sleeps
Radio speaks to us
Radio is democratic
Radio is sustainable
Radio is everywhere
Radio connects us all
Radio informs our days
Radio shapes our nights
Radio is our companion
Radio molds our narrative
Radio evolves with society
Radio transforms for society
Radio is more than airwaves
Radio is perpetual adaptation
Radio is live and light and joyous
Radio gives a voice to the people
Radio celebrates diverse discourse
Radio helps us navigate uncertainty
And radio remains the most widely consumed media in the world.

This World Radio Day, we celebrate the innovation, evolution, and connection that has allowed radio to remain a content stalwart for over a century.

12 Feb 2021 15:28