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Health24 survey shows that health savvy people use the web as a vital tool for healthy well-being

Health24 recently surveyed over 2000 of its readers to get a sense of who they are and what makes them tick. The results showed that health websites are a vital part of daily life with a whopping 92% of the respondents using them to source information that helps them lead a healthy lifestyle.
Health24 survey shows that health savvy people use the web as a vital tool for healthy well-being
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With an almost even split between men and women, readers are primarily married or living with a partner, have children and are generally health aware. Stress plays a big role in the management of lifestyle with 57% of them feeling stressed quite often and 63% of them having felt burnt out before. However, it was also clear that healthy living is important with 59% drinking at least six glasses of water a day, 76% eating breakfast daily and 75% who think they eat a good selection of fruit and vegetables. This doesn't necessarily link back to healthy Body Mass Index however, with 23% perceiving themselves as overweight and 39% as a healthy weight but wouldn't mind losing a few kilograms.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is also apparent when looking at the favoured online experts. The dietician was 42% followed by the vitamin supplement expert at 27% and the sexologist at 21%. A relatively small number of the respondents said they don't exercise (29%) and the ones that do prefer to do so at the gym, the outdoors and their homes (all places were at 21%).

Product wise half of the men surveyed used skincare products compared to 80% of the women. 46% take vitamins daily and 28% take weight loss or protein supplements.

Important health tests showed up fairly low though with only 45% doing cholesterol tests, 50% have regular dentist check ups and 56% do blood pressure tests. They also showed that they turn to the Internet for medical advice twice as often as they turn to their doctor. 69% of the respondents belong to a medical aid and only 11% don't but are considering joining one.

"The results of the survey show clearly that our readers are very health and lifestyle aware and rely quite heavily on credible platforms like Health24 to help them manage their well-being." Says Health24's MD Dr Danie Pauw.

The SpaceStation, the digital sales agency that exclusively represents Health24, managed the survey. The SpaceStation's CEO, Gustav Goosen said that Health24 readers are educated and informed web users who proactively use the platform to manage their daily regimes. "The pace at which we all move today often means that the basics are sacrificed. I believe that Health24 helps to alleviate some of the stress involved in trying to stay on top of a healthy lifestyle," he adds.

The SpaceStation have developed an infographic to reflect the survey results that can be found at:

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4 Sep 2013 11:44