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The power of online surveys and polls

The success of a recent survey conducted on SA's biggest financial website,, by the deVere Group SA has confirmed that South Africans are not only willing to engage online but that companies can gain valuable insights by strategically utilising polls and surveys on matched demographic platforms.
The survey, which asked questions pertaining to readiness for retirement, surpassed the average industry success standard in terms of click through rates (at 0.93% CTR) and ran for 14 Days with a total of 229 completed surveys.

Mike Luscombe, CEO of The SpaceStation, who hosted the survey on the site, said: "We are able to offer survey and poll platforms on many of the sites. Fin24 is South Africa's most popular financial portal and it's the premier source for breaking business news, views, analysis and financial data. In deVere SA's case, (with 324 407 unique browsers and 42 per cent of readers earning more than R 40 000 a month) was the obvious partner and the high consumer engagement proves the success of the strategy."

Demographics of the Fin24 readers reveal that advertisers are engaging with an affluent target market. 78% of readers have a tertiary education, 80% bank online and 66% own their own home.

Says Luscombe, "Successful surveys and polls are the result of a partnership between the client and The SpaceStation to generate a strategic campaign that meets the client's defined objectives. Surveys can provide market research data and sales leads where polls are particularly useful in assisting brands to gain valuable insights into their consumers, engage and drive conversation with audiences on topics relevant to their brand. It is therefore imperative that the survey or poll is placed on the correct demographic and geographically targeted platforms, that the questions are phrased in a way that enables statistical analysis and that the overall look and feel will appeal to the target market."

Comments Craig Featherby, head of the deVere Group, South Africa: "The results of the survey have given us fantastic insight as to how the average South African is planning for their retirement. For instance, 78 per cent of 40-50 year olds felt that inflation would be most likely to affect their pension schemes and only 14 per cent of 40-60 years olds surveyed felt confident that they will be financially secure in retirement. Half of all participating 50-60 year olds feared "becoming dependent on others" in their retirement; 9 out of 10 of the 50-60 years surveyed haven't spoken with a financial advisor in the last three years. The report also shows that "not having enough income" was the biggest concern about retiring for 100 per cent of all the 40-50 year olds.
This is our first foray into conducting an online survey and our expectations of user engagement from the Fin24 platform were more than exceeded. We also generated 61 firm leads."

Gustav Goosen, sales and operations director at The SpaceStation: " offers world-class information, content, products, subscription services and interactive tools for readers to gain a greater understanding of the inner workings of local and international financial markets. This enables users to make informed and sound financial decisions, and therefore is a perfect platform for advertisers to engage with their target audience around these topics. Our team is able to strategically guide advertisers when it comes to matching their business and marketing needs with the correct channel, tool and platform to use."

21 Jun 2012 13:03