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South Africans trust in news greater than ever amid worldwide #Covid-19 pandemic

The Edelman Trust Barometer released a special report on Covid-19 last week. It shows that currently the most relied upon source of information is mainstream news organisations.
News24, Fin24 and Business Insider have recorded their biggest number of average daily unique browsers to date showing that trust in news is now greater than ever. On average News24 records 1m unique browsers daily, but as the coverage on the spread of the Corona virus intensified News24 has consistently stayed above the 1m UB mark, topping over 2m ADUBs twice in the last two weeks.

As South Africans turn to News24 to separate fact from fiction amid the worldwide spread of the Corona virus News24 has seen an increase in engagement across all interest segments and provide a separate dimension to just looking at unique browsers and page views. Higher engagement user segments are visiting the site more regularly and for a longer duration session each time and the News24 super users are spending on average 2h14min on site daily.

“At this time of crisis, the role of truthful and verified reporting cannot be overstated. People are craving information about a virus that could alter our entire future and plans for ourselves. The stakes have never been higher; our reportage must be truthful, thorough and informed. The massive increase in users tells me that the trust relationship with our readers has strengthened in a period of just three weeks.” says Adriaan Basson, News24 Editor-in-Chief.

30 Mar 2020 07:31